Where is the Light?


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I have a January birthday and so have always had a fondness for the month.  I have to admit, though, that January can be a dreary month, weather-wise. It seems to be cloudier than most of the other months ?.  But as one who likes to ponder things, I have found beauty and inspiration in the cool, cold and cloudy days over the years.
People often say that opposites are needed to truly experience things fully. The experience of hunger can make you appreciate more fully eating your fill. Getting drenched in the rain, makes you aware how nice it is to be warm and dry, and so on.
For me, the often (but not always) dreary weather of January serves to make me think about light and my state of mind when light is lacking–externally, at least. Where is the light, anyway? Why the light’s inside of me….independent of whatever is going on around me, the light’s inside of me. This is true at all times of the year, of course, but for me, it is a point well-considered in the darkness of winter. In fact, maybe the darkness of winter exists to make us consider such things…certainly we can put it to use in that way 🙂
This song by Peter Mayer capture’s my sentiments–plus it sounds like the church songs of my youth 🙂


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