What if Love Is All It Was? Love as the Basis of Life

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For those of us that like to ponder Life’s big questions, what if love is all it was, is a wonderful place to start.

I have mentioned Peter Mayer before 🙂 His music is often philosophical in nature…which I LOVE ?

His latest album, Catching Rain, has several gems. One of my favorites is a song that talks about the possibility of love being the basis of the formation of the universe and the essence in which we live and move and have our being. Lyrics always elicit more emotion –for me anyway–with the music for which they were written. I hope you will consider checking out the album (see my affiliate link above to amazon :)) I will post a YT video of a different song below the lyrics–just to give you an idea of Pete’s style.

I share his music mostly because I love it and find it meaningful and uplifting. Obviously, there’s always a chance I will earn a little bit if you make any purchases (as will Pete) 🙂 Such is the nature of blogging 😛

I should also mention that I actually have been endorsed by Pete to create merchandise with his song lyrics–we share profits. 🙂 Check things out in two places:

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So here are the lyrics to the song, What if Love. The part I like the most is at the end–about reaching out to what’s already there. Fits nicely with my own ideas about Spirit’s presence ?.


WHAT IF LOVE (by Peter Mayer from Minnesota)

Science has revealed at last

What happened in the distant past

Back in the beginning of time

But from what the Cosmos came

Back before the great big bang

It’s finding more hard to describe

It could be anybody’s guess

So is it crazy to suggest


What if love

What if love

What if love is all it was?

And what if that love still sings

Is still alive in everything

Moving through the whole universe 

Rising in the light and dark

Hiding in the smallest part

Burning like a flame that always burns

Like the atoms, like the air

Invisible but everywhere


What if love were the organizing force 

By which the beauty of the world emerged

That joined the particles into molecules

And living cells and redwood trees and bees and birds

And what if to act on love’s behalf, to practice kindness

Is the most natural thing of all

Then when we feel undone

Or sick because we’ve been spun

Around on the wheel of despair

We can just breathe it in

Reach for that source again

Reach out to what’s already there

The mystery from whence we came

Just for a song let’s give it a name



Here’s The Play (another favorite 🙂 )

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