Weekly Inspirational Video: Reading

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Weekly Inspirational Video: Reading

I just recently discovered this young woman’s show on Facebook. She does a lot of cute  and entertaining “shows.” And with summer just around the corner, this one about reading seems quite timely 🙂 So watch the video and get yourself some books of choice for reading this summer!


HELLO EVERYONE!It is with great joy that I reveal my secret. How I read 1000 books! And my secret is as simple as it gets 😘Share this with someone who thinks they are a BAD READER to encourage them! And parents, read to your kids! And kids, find books you LIKE! Xoxo Gossip girl aka DearAlyne <3P.S. If you're a woman, JOIN OUR GROUP! We can talk about books, travel, our successes and failures and meet likeminded women around the globe! 🌎 GIRLS GONE GLOBAL – https://www.facebook.com/groups/963232107183545/

Posted by Dear Alyne on Thursday, May 17, 2018


You can read more about the importance of having some hobbies and interests to enrich your life elsewhere on this site (hint: click on the word “elsewhere”)

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