Value of Humor Bonus: A Dog’s Life

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A Dog’s Life –just $1!

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A Dog's Life E-book

I created this ebook for fun…and to share that sense of fun with others (for a very small price :)) If you prefer a paperback, visit I created my own ebook version for this web-site to make it very inexpensive –just $1 (it is a gag book, after all)! I think A Dog’s Life would make a cute gift for any dog lover and a fine gift for yourself.  Fill it with pictures of your favorite pooch, or use it as a journal. May my efforts add a moment of levity to your day!

(Please note–the picture they show on amazon’s “look inside” may appear to be black and white–the original version did have black and white photos–have been trying to get them to fix that–but the pictures ARE in color and there are cuter ones than the one they displayed :)).  Still the ebook is the cheapest route, and easy enough to bind creatively 🙂 If you DO opt for the paperback, be sure to get the one that looks like this:

A Dog’s Life Paperback cover
image of Dr. Rufus A. Sheepdog
Dr. Rufus A. Sheepdog

Rufus and his “peeps” made this video many years ago–play with the sound on–cute song by Tom Chapin.

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