Interview With Noah St John, Creator of Afformations

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interview-with-noah-st-john-picture-of-noahInterview with Noah St John

June 24th, 2016

Cate: Today I am here with Noah St. John. Noah is known as “The Power Habits Mentor” and is famous for inventing AFFORMATIONS and helping busy people achieve financial freedom. Noah is the author of 10 books that have been translated into 12 languages, including his latest bestseller The Book of AFFORMATIONS® published by Hay House.  According to Stephen Covey:

“Noah St. John’s work is about discovering within ourselves what we should have known all along – we are truly powerful beings with unlimited potential.”

Noah delivers keynote speeches, online programs and live events that have been called “The only training that FIXES every other training!” And you can get Noah’s new ebook FREE at

Let me start by saying, welcome, Noah!

Noah: Thanks for having me, Cate.

Cate: I know that you have The Book of Afformations, the Miracle of Positive Self-talk –a book a lot of people have been talking about. What are afformations? And how did you first discover them?

Noah: Just so everybody listening knows, I want to make it clear to your listeners Cate, that we’re saying a new word: afformation not affirmations. Because everybody knows that an affirmation is a statement of something that you want to be true, because of course that’s been taught for decades. All the self-help gurus out there say to use these positive statements. I tried that for many years, tried to say them and did everything they told me to do, and I ended up very frustrated and broke, living in this tiny little dorm room. I was a college student and, you know, all my worldly possessions were in this tiny little dorm room that was so small that if you stood in the middle of the room and put your arms up to both sides, you could touch the walls on both sides of the room! All my worldly possessions. And I’m going, What is wrong, here I’ve been doing everything they told me and it’s just not working.

So this was back in 1997, and I remember just looking at the walls and being very frustrated.  One night in April 1997,  I looked around and I said, I’ve got all these little piece of papers with all these statements, and I’ve written these positive statements: I’m happy; I’m rich; I’m wealthy; I’m successful. The problem was I wasn’t any of these things, and, in fact, I was broke and miserable and unhappy!  And I thought, now I feel even worse. So I was worried and frustrated. The next morning I got up, got into the shower, and I was thinking about all these things.  Now I’m sure we’ve all had those odd moments in the shower, right? Well in my Book of Afformations, I had to call it “the shower that changed everything” because on this particular morning, in April 1997, I remember I was just standing in the shower, thinking about all this stuff, like How come I’ve been doing everything they told me to do and it’s just not working. And I said, well, what are we talking about here? We’re talking about human thought. But what is thought? And I said, I realize that human thought is the process of asking and searching for answers to questions. Like if I ask you, why is the sky blue? Your mind automatically starts to search for the answer. So I think, but wait a minute now. If that’s true, if the human mind is automatically searching for answers to questions, why are we going around making statements that we don’t believe? Because the problem isn’t the statement, the problem is we don’t believe the statement. So I said, well why don’t we just cut out the middle man and go right to the question?  I don’t know–what would that look like? Let’s take a classic statement like I am rich — I do this at my live events all the time. I have people say I am rich and of course everybody says it and then you know what? They start laughing, and I go what you laughing at? They go, but I’m not rich. Well but you just said you were. Yeah, but I don’t believe it.

Cate: Thats funny 🙂

Noah: You see, so they’re proving my point here. My point is, so what you’re saying is, you say these statements, but you just don’t believe them right? So I said, well if that’s the case, then what would the question be? And then I thought about it and I said, why am I so rich? And when you ask that question, your brain has to start searching for the answer. And so what we’re really talking about here is the law of sowing and reaping; as you sow, so shall you reap. Now of course that’s nothing new, it’s been taught for centuries. But what are we sowing? We’re sowing seeds of thoughts. But what are most people doing? Sowing lousy thought seeds. They’re asking really lousy, disempowering questions like why am I so broke? Why am I so fat?, Why can’t I do anything right?, Why don’t I have enough money?, How come I’m not growing my business?, Why don’t I have more clients? Right?

And so when you ask lousy questions, what do you get?  You get lousy answers, right? And that leads to a lousy life. Now, of course, nobody is doing this on purpose, but it doesn’t matter whether you’re doing it consciously or unconsciously. The law is the law. The law of sowing and reaping works no matter what. It’s like the law of gravity. So the point is, what if instead of asking lousy questions that lead to lousy answers and create a lousy life, what if we just flip the whole thing on its head?  Start asking empowering questions that lead to phenomenal answers and create a wonderful life. And as I was standing there in the shower, April 1997, I said Holy cow! I think I just invented something. So I had to give it a name, and the name that I gave it was, as you mentioned, The Book of Afformations. A-F-F-O-R-M-A-T-I-O-N-S –afformations, not affirmations.

And so just to finish the story, I said wow, that is really amazing! I just knew at that moment, twenty years ago, that this could really help a lot of people. I thought, I’ve got to tell people about it. And then I’m like, what am I going to do now? And you know, I was a religious studies major at a school in Amherst, Massachusetts, and remember, this was 1997. This was, long before social media- Facebook hadn’t even been invented! YouTube, blogs… none of that was… I mean Google was not even born yet! That’s how long ago this was!  And so yeah, I’m like, well now what do I do?  I knew that this was going to really help a lot of people. I just had to tell him about it.  And so I said, I’ve got to write a book.  And I’m like, how do you write a book?  Today you can go write a book in twenty-five minutes, but you know back then, it was longer than that.

So anyway, I just put all my thoughts together, printed it out from my computer, went down the local print shop, and put together a book.  I didn’t have any money. I didn’t have any connections, and I didn’t know what I was doing. I just started selling things on the Internet. I put up a website, and people would just find me–I don’t even know how– and then they would get my book and they’d write me.  They said Wow, Noah you changed my life, and I have been using your afformations and I’m now making more money, and I quit smoking, and I’m sleeping better, and I’m happier, and I found the love my life, and my marriage is better, and I mean just incredible stories!

Cate: Nice!

Noah: And then I met Jack Canfield from Chicken Soup for the Soul, and he sent my book– my self-published book –to the Chicken Soup people. My first book came out in 1999, called Permission to Succeed.  It is the first place where you can actually read about afformations. I mean again, I’m the person that invented this and named it. And so anyway, all these years later now, we’ve helped our clients earn over one hundred million dollars. We’ve helped people add five and six and seven figures to their business; helped people find the love of their lives. I just got a call from a client the other day, and she was looking for love and she found this perfect guy using afformations…and just incredible stories like that from over one hundred twenty countries now. It’s just been incredible.

Cate: Well, this is an amazing story!  I am curious– when you said that you had that moment in the shower,when you thought of the idea of afformations, did you start using it as you were going through the process of trying to get the idea out there? Were you saying, how can I get my book published? Why is my book so easy to publish?

Noah: Yeah, I absolutely did. Every step of the way I’ve been afforming, and you know, it’s been quite a journey. In fact we call it — my company is called Success Clinic , and I’ve been online since 1997. I’m actually seven months older than Google. 🙂   My company is literally seven months older than Google. What’s so funny is now we call that the afformations revolution because we literally have tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands–I don’t even know how many– because you know, they’re… you have that ripple effect when you put your work out in the world…and honestly you just don’t know how many people you’re reaching sometimes. So anyway I mean it’s probably hundreds of thousands of people now in one hundred twenty countries, and millions and millions of dollars …and we’ve helped people overcome addiction and quit smoking and lose weight… Just incredible stories. And so for those of us who now are using afformations, we call ourselves the ‘afformers’. We have literally thousands and thousands of afformers all around the world. Frankly, Cate, you know one of my big goals is to get the word afformations in the Merriam Webster Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary by the end of the decade.  This really is an idea whose time has come. And we really feel– you know as afformers and those of us in the afforming revolution– we really feel that afformations can change the world because we’ve seen it change a lot of people’s lives. So we just really are excited to get the word out to people.

Cate: Right! That sounds good to me! 🙂  It occurred to me when you said you are seven months older than Google… Maybe your need to get this out there was part of what brought Google about!  🙂

Noah: Right! Yeah exactly. Who knows, who knows…

Cate: You never know. When did you say your book was first published?  It’s been several years since I read the one I have.

Noah: Well my first book came out in 1998, which was self-published. Then the Chicken Soup version, which was called Permission to Succeed came out in 1999.  And that’s the first place that afformations were put in print.

Cate: The Book of Afformations– that was the one I read.

Noah: The Book of Afformations came out in 2001. So that was the Hay House version (the fourth edition).  So the The Book of Afformations has been in print in one form or another since the year 2000.  So from 2000, all the way to now.  The fourth edition, the Hay House version… I was just so excited to partner up with Hay house because, of course, they, are the biggest self-help publisher in the world!  Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra– just all the biggest names. It’s just such an honor to be with them. I’m also with MindValley too.  MindValley, of course, is one of the biggest publishers of online materials in the personal growth world. We released a product with them last year: the Afformations Mastery Program.  On my website we’ve got lots of different afformation programs.  We’ve got the Afformations Solution for Limitless Abundance and iAfform® Audios that people can listen to. You can actually change your brain while you’re not even paying attention! We have Affformware where you can record your own afformations. We just really, really, really want to change the world with afformations! 🙂

Cate: Wow, that’s great!  I didn’t know you had a product in MindValley.  It sounds like you offer a lot of different products–  I like it. 🙂

Noah:  Yes, that’s right.

Cate:  I remember when I read The Book of Afformations  — you talked about the “belief gap.” As we’ve discussed, a lot of people have tried affirmations– myself included– the regular kind.  I still find–and I’m in my 50s now –that I have two areas in life that I seem limited in my progress. I have read about subconscious blocks, and  you talked about the belief gap. What is the belief gap? And do you think it relates to what other people talk about as part of subconscious blocks?

Noah: Well, I don’t know what anybody else talks about, but I know what I talk about, which is the belief gap. So whenever you’re trying to make a change in your life, you are trying to go from where you are to where you want to be. So picture it like you’re standing on the edge of a cliff, and you’re looking over there at another cliff which is just out of reach, but you can see it. Where you are standing is what I call your C.P.R. That stands for your Current Perceived Reality. That means you are where you think you are, and then where you want to go over there is called your New Desired Reality. Now that’s where you’re making more money or you got more clients or you’ve found love or you’ve lost the weight. Whatever it is that your new desired reality is. But between your C.P.R. and your N.D.R. there’s a gap, for most people. That’s what I call the belief gap, and what I mean by that is that most people are perfectly capable of making the changes that they want, but they don’t believe they can do it.

That non-belief or that lack of belief saying well I can’t do it because and then you just fill in the blank.  I can’t do it because I’m too old. I can’t do it because I’m too… I’m not intelligent enough. I can’t do it because I’m a woman; I can’t do it because I’m Hispanic I mean you know just fill in the blank — I don’t have the right connections. We all can find excuses for why we can’t do something, right? And guess what?  We humans always make ourselves right. So when you- you know as Henry Ford famously said, Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. So you always make yourself right. The point is that when you– and by the way the belief gap can be a canyon– and so what many people who come to me have done is, they’ve tried to fill the gap with all this “how-to” advice. All the “How to Succeed” out there. Well, what I realized twenty years ago is that we don’t need any more “how-to” advice!  What we need to do is give ourselves permission to succeed. That’s why the name of my first book was called Permission to Succeed.  Because I realized that most people are just holding themselves back, frankly, because they haven’t given themselves permission to succeed.

So I literally created the world’s first and only system for people to give themselves permission to succeed, to do what unconsciously competent people are doing when it comes to success that they can never tell you.  Just to give an example, one of my students came to me- her name is Susan from California.  She spent sixty thousand dollars on all the “how-to” advice out there. All the big name gurus, all the famous dudes, and she was about to go bankrupt. She was about to lose her home. She was about to lose her marriage. Her husband said I can’t take it anymore. You know you’re spending all this money, and we’re not getting better. We’re only getting worse. And she was ducking calls from creditors. It was really, really bad.  And then Susan heard me on a show just like this,  actually,  and she decided to join my program– one of my online programs. She invested in it and joined, and then she just followed my advice. I walked her through it step-by-step like I walk everybody through it. To cut the long story short, in less than a year, Susan went from being sixty thousand dollars in debt to landing her dream job. She’s now making a six-figure income, and she’s actually just published her first book. So it’s incredible how these afformations and also the power habits that I keep– that’s another part of what I teach. I call it “the power habits of unconsciously successful people.” When people understand this, they start to use it. It literally is life-changing.

Cate: That’s a pretty impressive story. It’s kind of fun when you hear all the different successes people have, and when they have changed their life in a big way. It just seems a hard thing to do– or it feels like it is.

Noah:  It can be, yes. Well, and the point is that a lot of people are trying to –I like to say that any time you’re trying to succeed or whatever success means to you– whether it’s in business or finances or help in relationships– it’s like you’re trying to build a house. Most people are just slapping boards together hoping the house shows up. They don’t have a blueprint. They don’t have a plan. And so, that’s one of the things that I bring to the table. I make it really simple. I cut through the clutter– because we are right now drowning in information, and we are all on information overload. One of my big jobs as a mentor and teacher is to cut through the clutter, to simplify and give people a step-by-step blueprint. That’s one of the reasons that we’ve seen people make six, seven and even eight figures, you know, using my blueprint.

Cate: Wow– that’s a big number 🙂

Noah:  It’s a pretty big number yeah, pretty big number.

Cate: So I’m looking here… I think you’ve really kind of covered this question. But how would you say your use of afformations,  is different than what we normally think of as the Law of Attraction?

Noah: When you think about Law of Attraction, what most people think about is the movie, “The Secret.” Now when you go to my website, you’ll notice that everybody in “The Secret” endorses my work– from John Assaraf to Jack Canfield… . I mean literally everybody in “The Secret” knows my work. So I am not talking out of school here; they all know this. The point is in “The Secret,” what they did was they told us what we want to hear. Now what we want to hear is that you can just sit there and think about money, and money comes in. I’m not sure what planet that works on, but it ain’t the planet earth. Gosh darn it! Because on this mean old planet earth, you have to do this annoying thing called work. To get the result that you want –whether it’s in finances or health or whatever it is. I mean it’s just like saying well I’m going to sit here, eat junk food, and never exercise, and I’m going to lose weight just by thinking about it. No, you’re really not dude. That’s not going to happen. But that’s what they showed us.  That’s what they did in “The Secret,” because like I just said, they’re very smart marketers, and they told us what we want to hear.

So the point is that millions of people watch “The Secret.”  I literally have people coming to me, Noah, I watched “The Secret” thirty-seven times. How come I’m not rich? And I’m like,  Gee, I’m not sure. What are you doing?  Well,  I’m sitting and thinking about things. Okay, that’s awesome man. You see the problem here 🙂 I’m kind of making fun of it, but kind of not, because that is what they do. Now again, everybody in “The Secret” knows the truth of what I’m saying, and of course they all know that, and they’re all doing it. Every one of those teachers is, of course, taking action to be successful.  They’re not successful just because they sat there and thought about it.  The point is that with the Law of Attraction… is there a Law of Attraction? Of course there is.

On our campus, Cate, at, we just say the law of sowing and reaping, because everybody understands sowing and reaping, you know? I mean whether you’re an afformer or not, we all understand that if you plant tomato seeds, you’re not going to get an apple tree. You know, it’s just not going to work that way. So if you’re planting lousy thought seeds, which again, most people are doing: Why am I so broke? Why am I so fat? I can’t make any money. Well obviously you’re going to get those fruits, right?  So that’s one of the reasons that this is so powerful as people literally go, Wow, I didn’t even know that I was planting all those bad seeds, I didn’t even… I wasn’t consciously aware of it. And that’s the thing –the universe doesn’t care. The universe doesn’t care if you do it consciously or unconsciously. You’re going to get the fruits anyway so that’s why. Is it different than what they are teaching in the Law of Attraction? Well it’s different in the sense that do you have to actually do work. You do have to put in the effort. This is not magic; it’s science.

Cate: I agree that “The Secret” set up some unrealistic expectations. 🙂

Noah: Well listen, I mean I’m just as lazy as the next guy. I don’t like to work. I’d rather sit there and not do anything and have money pouring in from the sky. That’d be awesome. But you know, I’ve interviewed over two hundred millionaires and multimillionaires and not a single one of them use that as their strategy to become wealthy and financially free. So, I’m thinking probably not going to happen. I will say in all fairness that when you use afformations, when you use power habits, it absolutely does simplify everything so that you’re actually not fighting yourself. Many people are in fact, what I call driving down the road of life with one foot on the brake. My systems enable people to actually get your foot off the brake so that as you’re taking action, as you’re doing the work, you’re not fighting yourself anymore.  Like Susan- that story I told you before.

Sheila was another student from California. Sheila Valles– she’s in direct sales network marketing, and she was making five thousand dollars a month and working really, really hard at that to make five thousand a month, and she said You know, I know working way too hard for this. So I taught her power habits. She came to me. She was one of my inner circle students, and long story short, now she’s making seventy five thousand dollars a month. From five thousand a month to seventy five thousand a month. But get this she’s working less than she was before. Now that sounds crazy, it sounds counter-intuitive, it sounds impossible, but that’s only if you keep thinking in the old way.  When you simplify and when you get out of your own way, so many things become possible for you.

Cate: That’s very cool! What would you say makes your system different from all the other self-help programs that are out there? And there are a lot of them. 🙂

Noah: You think? Well, Cate, what my clients say about my program is that my training is the only training that fixes every other training. That’s literally what they say about it. And so my point is — I’m certainly not saying those…that all that stuff out there doesn’t work or it’s bad, it’s wrong. I’m not saying any of that. My point is that many people come to me, I would actually say the majority of people come to me- my clients, my students- after spending tens of thousands of dollars on everything else out there, and they’re still stuck.  And then they come to me, they start using afformations, they start employing these power habits, and then for the first time they get unstuck.  They go from sixty thousand dollar debts to a six figure income, or five thousand a month to seventy five thousand a month, or finding the love of their lives and all that.

So what does that tell you? It just tells you that what I’ve done is- as I’ve mentioned earlier-I simplify and I cut through the clutter, number one; and number two, I’m literally going to address what’s causing your behavior rather than just telling you to change your behavior. See the human brain doesn’t really want to change. You know, let me just give you a quick example. Everybody knows that smoking is a bad habit, right? I mean I think everybody would agree on that. Well then why are there millions and millions and millions of smokers who say, Oh man I really want to quit but I can’t quit?  That’s because they’re trying to quit on the level of behavior. But once you go underneath the behavior to the causes of behavior, then it becomes incredibly easy to quit smoking. Another example–procrastinating. That’s another bad habit that people have. So you know, I tell people again, once you get to the causal level then everything becomes easier, and that’s when we start to see these incredible increases and these incredible changes and transformations in people’s lives.

Cate: Very cool, yeah. Believe me I know, it’s hard. It’s hard to stop things. Like I said, I’ve had the same couple of “issues” for a long time now. Maybe I need to get signed up. 🙂

Noah: I think so.

Cate: For me, it’s like I start something, and don’t see improvements, and then—because my issue is not that bad, that pressing, I just stop pursuing the change…

Noah:  That’s very common, Cate.  A lot of people come to me with that exact same issue and that same complaint and that is very common. One of the ways that I help people overcome that with is the seventh step of the power habit system which is to find your “because.” See, everything that we do is built on our “why to’s” and “why not to’s.”  And once you identify your “why to’s” and “why not to’s,” everything becomes so much easier.  Everything literally just starts to fall into place. So that’s another thing that makes my program different. Basically all those other programs are shoving “how to’s” down your throat. You can’t shove “how to’s” down someone’s throat. They actually have to be able to identify why they want to do one thing versus another, and once it’s your own idea, once it’s your motivation, once it’s your “why to,” then you can’t be stopped.

Think about how passionate you are about your children, for example, your family. Wanting to help them, provide for them, you know, make them happy, make sure they have happy lives…so that may be the “why to” for you. For another person, their “why to” might be, I really want to make a million dollars. Another person’s might be, I want to make a huge impact, I want to transform millions of lives. So the point is that everyone’s a little different, and so you can’t have a cookie cutter/one-size-fits-all thing that says, well just do it this way.  What the teacher is really saying is, well do it my way. What’s so cool about power habits is that it’s not about me, no. I’m the guy teaching it, but it’s all about the student; it’s all about the client; it’s all about the person coming to do the work and saying, Wow, you know this really opened up for me the possibilities that I have never seen before. So yeah I mean it certainly might be something that you might want to revisit for those reasons.

Cate: There you go. For me (and many others, I’m sure) it’s hard to fit a “program” into my daily life.  So much to do already 🙂

Noah: Well, the point about that is that I hear that a lot too. Well I’m so busy, and I always say to that person, Well but that’s the very point. If you’re too busy to have your life, don’t you think that might be something that we might want to address because when are you going to have your life? When is that going to happen? And the answer is it will never happen until and unless you install these power habits. Honestly, that’s the funny part about it is, if you think about it this way, what don’t your habits affect? What part of your life don’t your habits affect? The answer is nothing, they affect every part of your life. Your habits affect your eating, your sleeping, your love life, your financial life, your business life… your habits literally affect everything. And as I mentioned, I’ve had the opportunity to interview over two hundred millionaires and multimillionaires and they all agree with me that it’s this inner game– the habits that I call the ‘power habits of unconsciously successful people’. Things that they are doing, but they could never teach you because they’re unconscious. And that’s why it took a nerd like me to break it down into a systematic blueprint that literally anyone could follow.

Cate: Well that’s encouraging–that there’s a blueprint for success!

Noah: Yeah, I mean I have kids doing this, Cate.  I have teenagers doing this. So if a teenager can do this, then you know really anybody can.

Cate: Nice! Okay, well let’s see. We are getting close to our time here. I see there’s some sort of free book offer–the afformations?

Noah:  Well it’s actually not the afformations book that’s free– that’s the Hay house book.  It’s called The Book of Afformations, and that’s available anywhere books are sold. But on my website, which is, you can actually get my new book for free which is called Your Six-Figure Business Machine. My customers and students kept demanding, like begging me to teach them how to build a six-figure online business. So I just released a new book called Your Six-Figure Business Machine that’s available on my website, as I mentioned: That’s my name N-O-A-H  S-T  J-O-H-N – go to, and you can actually download my new book for free. And if you do want to get The Book of Afformations, you can just go anywhere books are sold: (Cate says: or click the links in this interview :)) Amazon or Barnes and Noble… and then you can also learn more about afformations.  Also visit, A-F-F-O-R-M-A-T-I-O-N-S,

Cate: Okay. I didn’t realize which was the free book. 🙂 Thanks for clarifying that.

Noah: Sure.

Cate: I know you mentioned to me before that you have something new coming out–is it a book or what?

Noah: It’s a course called Your Six-Figure Business Machine. As I mentioned, I just had people begging me– because, I’ve been online for almost two decades now, being very successful at it, having made multiple seven-figures and helping people make hundreds– over a hundred million dollars in their businesses. You know what’s awesome is that my students have even surpassed my own financial success. Which is really exciting to just see so many people around the world succeeding using the blueprint. So yeah, it’s called Your Six-Figure Business Machine,  and in fact, you can go to to learn about that program if you want. Not to give too many websites, but that’s all out there. So again is the main site and then and

Cate: Is the program a scheduled program, or work at your own pace kind of thing?

Noah:  It’s actually five weeks, and so I walk you through exactly how to build your online lifestyle business. As as I mentioned, we always help people get to six, seven, and yes even eight figures, which is a pretty huge number!  But we’ve helped a few people get there.  And most people are pretty happy with that. So it’s a five-week class that I teach twice a year, but what’s really awesome about it is that people can actually take that class as much as they want– so we never kick anyone out!  If you join then you can actually just stay forever. And so it’s really exciting. We teach it twice a year, and also you get a ticket to my live event which we also do twice a year, and you can come to as many of those as you like to. You can come to any or all of them. We’ve had people come to four, five, and six, so it’s really, really awesome.

Cate: Ok, well is it self-paced? When you say it is taught twice a year for five weeks–if you fall behind, is that okay? Or do you have to stay on track with the five weeks approach?

Noah:  I teach it live twice a year. However, it is still self-paced, so you can just go through it as fast or as slow as you want. But I walk you through. I mean just to be blunt most people come to me, and they really don’t know where to start. It’s like, where do I start? How do I get my information online and how do I monetize that? And so that’s why I’ve broken down—one of my strengths as a teacher is to cut through the clutter and simplify. There’s just too much information out there, frankly. What I’ve seen is that people don’t need more information. What they need is results, and I’m the best in the industry at getting people results.

Cate: I am someone who has tried a lot of approaches.  Someone with too much information 🙂  If I were to do your program,  would you help me with something I am already working with or would I need to start from scratch?

Noah:  Well, I mean if you have some things already in place, then we can absolutely work with them. Basically there are two types of people that come to me with this issue: One is, I don’t have any websites. I don’t even know what I want to teach. Can you help me? Yes. The other is, I have ideas. I even maybe have some products. Or I’ve got a website, but it’s under monetized. I’m not making the money I want to make. Can you help me? Yes. So both of those are very perfect for this class for Six-Figure Business Machine.

Cate: Ok…interesting!

Noah: That’s exactly the way I help.

Cate:  I may have to look at it again… 🙂

Noah: Yeah, come on, Cate.  You got a lot of great information to share with the world, and the world is waiting for you! So let’s “productize” your genius. Let’s get it out of your brain and onto the earth so that it’s benefiting you as well as benefiting the rest of the world.

Cate:  Right. Well there you go!  I appreciate your time in talking with me today and taking time out –I was going to say of your busy schedule–but maybe you have a lot of leisure time! 🙂

Noah:  Let’s just say it’s a full schedule, how about that? 🙂  Let’s put it that way.

Cate:  Perfect. Thanks so much!

Noah:  You’re quite welcome!

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