Prosperity Methods

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I have talked a bit elsewhere on this site about how your mindset affects your experience, but having actual prosperity methods to use with the right mindset is important too!

Prosperity methods are something every one has a natural interest in. Once your mind is “right” with the idea of it being okay to enjoy financial prosperity, you might be looking for ways to create this reality.  As with all things, there are a multitude of ways to be rich. Below are different things I have tried or currently use–in my opinion, diversity is great!


Prosperity Methods


Low Hanging System, Prosperity Method #1

This is a fun method to help anyone get into e-commerce with very little expense (other than the course). I wrote more about it here. I use it myself and earn a nice side income from it (visit my etsy store). I have not put in the bit of extra effort needed to make it a full-time earner. But I do know many very successful users (it’s a very active FB group. 🙂 )

Watch the training and see what you think!

Prosperity Methods

Membership Blueprint, Prosperity Method #2

Membership sites are what I consider a passion business. You create a way for you to share information on any topic you like and then find “your tribe”–the people who want the info you have to share.

Sometimes things are easier said than done, of course. It just so happens that I offer a Membership Blueprint–a 12-week step-by-step process to build your own membership site. Check it out here.

If you prefer, you can read the FREE REPORT first.

I am working on a slightly different type of membership for this blog. But the blueprint I share is less involved.

Keep checking this space as I will add other methods to create prosperity in your life as I come across them. 🤑

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