Mindzoom Review

mindzoom review
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Mindzoom is a software that bases its effectiveness on the use of subliminal messages.  Subliminal messages are defined as:

“…existing or operating below the threshold of consciousness; being or employing stimuli insufficiently intense to produce a discrete sensation but often being or designed to be intense enough to influence the mental processes or the behavior of the individual.”

The idea, as was discussed on the Positive Words page, is that our conscious minds often balk at positive statements that are not or do not seem to us to be true in the present moment. So, if I state, “I am slim and fit, ” when I am not slim and fit, it’s possible that I will feel resistance to such a statement.  To avoid this, Mindzoom opts to speak directly to the subconscious via subliminals.

From the sales page:

MindZoom uses three techniques to enter directly to your Subconscious Mind:


  • By use of the Affirmation Delivering Engine, MindZoom conveys thousands of positive commands at speeds that are bypassed by your conscious mind. These messages are flashed rapidly on your screen at virtually undetectable speeds, SAFELY AND DISCRETELY.
  • By use of our Silent Subliminal Messaging System, text affirmations are converted to speech and delivered through a Low Frequency envelope, not heard consciously by the human ear but reaching the brain.
  • By use of the Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer, a great feature where you can use text or audio affirmations (you can record your own affirmations or use pre-recorded ones) and Mix them with your favorite music files, save and listen to them anywhere, on your Ipod, home or car stereo, you name it!

There is evidence to support subliminal strategies–Eldon Taylor is an author who has done a lot of research on the topic. Studies are also shared on the product sales page.

My Experience and Thoughts on Mindzoom

I currently use Mindzoom on my laptop, and I have for a few months. It was very easy to set up–and when I did have a question, the vendor–Dino–was quick to respond and helpful.  I even set up the more personalized version of specific affirmations. To be honest, however, I have not noticed any specific results from my use of the software. So, as it stands now, Mindzoom is a product that I feel can be effective, but which has not proven effective for me.

Bottom line:

Given the premise of Mindzoom and the fact that there is an 8 week money back guarantee, I would say that it’s a program worth trying.  It’s so easy to use–adds nothing to your “to-do” list 🙂 And, perhaps you’ll be one for whom it works wonders!  If you’re game, try Mindzoom by clicking here.