Mind Movies Review

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Mind Movies Review

I first heard about Mind Movies a good many years ago…maybe I got an email to watch the product intro…I don’t really recall. I did try it then–I remember creating my own video using their system. However at the time, my kids were younger and required more of my time, and I just never got into a habit of watching my movies (you might notice this as a common theme in my life :P).

mind movies logo

Fast-forward to today.  I’m pretty sure Mind Movies has changed ownership.  The face of the company today is a woman, Natalie Ledwell (I remember the old video I watched having a man describe his idea??). I may be wrong, but regardless, Ledwell is in charge now, and she has made Mind Movies a big seller–and has developed some additional products as well!

Mind Movies is essentially a “techie” way of using affirmations 🙂 The movie you make (or you can use their pre-made ones) has music and images and affirmations.

It’s just a few minutes long and you are supposed to watch it twice a day-morning and night. You can create/watch movies for one particular goal–like prosperity, or you can have a movie encompassing a few goals all-in-one.

My experience and thoughts on Mind Movies

As I mentioned, I tried this program years ago.  But I did not actually implement it as it’s meant to be used. Just recently I got their pre-made movies on common themes for $7.  These are generic movies unlike the personalized ones you can make in the program using your own music and images..  As before, I find that I forget to watch them! Obviously, this is not the fault of Mind Movies, but my own lack of organization and/or prioritization!

Bottom line:

I think the theory behind the program is sound, and certainly a few minutes a day is doable for many people!  There is also a 60-day Money back Guarantee, so it makes a decision to try it out a risk-free choice 🙂  Click here to see if Mind Movies is for you!