Making Your Mind Matter Review

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Making Your Mind Matter Online Course Review

Making Your Mind Matter is an online course offered via Hay House.  It’s a course developed by Dr. Joe Dispenza D.C. As it says on the sales page, “If you believe, even just the tiniest bit, that your thoughts create your reality [which you should after browsing this site!], Dr. Dispenza’s new online course, Making Your Mind Matter, will take you from believing to actually living your new reality.”

Making Your Mind Matter components

That’s a bold claim, and an exciting one! To this end, the course covers these topics:

Lesson 1: Understanding the Power of Your Mind

Preparing to cross the river of change and create your new personal reality. In this lesson, Dr. Dispenza explains the newest in neuroscience in affecting change in your life. You’ll discover the secret to spontaneous remission, understand the cycle of thinking and feeling and learn how to measure transformation by using specific techniques.

Lesson 2: “Don’t Believe Everything You Think:” Creating a New Model of Possibility

Who do you no longer wish to be? This lesson is all about imprinting in the field of possibility and breaking free of the past conditioning. Dr. Dispenza will explain why you have the ability to truly change

Lesson 3: The Science of Changing Your Mind

Lesson 3 is all about exploring the wonders of the brain. Once you understand how your personality creates your reality, you’ll begin to become conscious of the repetitive thoughts, actions and emotions that keep you from having what you truly desire

Lesson 4: Designing Your Destiny: Change Your Brain Wave Patterns, Change Your Life

You’ll learn the specific steps to take to design your destiny in this lesson. Starting with unearthing emotional addictions and breaking familiar feelings and emotional agreements, you’ll have a clear and effective plan for creating a new future.

Lesson 5: Commanding Matter: Become a Magnet to Attract Your New Life

This lesson includes two powerful meditations and a writing exercise to help you take control over your thoughts. You’ll also hear real life stories from ordinary people who do the extraordinary when they apply the principles in these lessons thus far.

Lesson 6: Surrendering to the Present Moment

This is a mind-opening and hardworking lesson where you will learn to move forward in your quest to create your destiny. Dr. Joe helps you set aside your ego—leaving place, time, and other physical constraints—so you can tap into the unlimited possibilities available to you.

Lesson 7

Self-Healings and Soul Awakenings: Dr. Joe’s Personal Story and Scientific Research

Are you ready for an interdimensional awakening? Dr. Dispenza shares his personal story so you can see the benefits and the power of designing your destiny using thought alone. You’ll dive deeper into heart coherence to bring about a true love of life that is in alignment with what you see for your future. When you change your thoughts, you change your brain. You’ll learn how to make self-healing a natural part of your life by using what is offered in this empowering lesson.

Lesson 8:

Escaping the Labyrinth: You Soul’s Journey to Know Itself

It’s time to tell a new story for what will become of your future. This lesson combines all the techniques to assemble a wholeness that goes beyond space and time. You’ll be inspired by a meditation that will move you to genius, transformation and gratitude

My Thoughts on and Experience With Making Your Mind Matter:

The Making Your Mind Matter Online Course sounds right up my alley.  But, no, I have not actually used it, and so cannot comment from experience regarding how it worked or did not work for me. That said, I feel like it’s based on sound principles. Therefore, if practiced I imagine it’d be effective.

Bottom line:

Supported by Hay House’s satisfaction guarantee, Making Your Mind Matter is an online course that is worth investigating.  As I stated on the home page, I offer recommendations at times based simply on what sounds good, based on my world view.  And Making Your Mind Matter does this in spades. 🙂

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