Interview With Alfred Heath (Be Set Free Fast)

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Alred Heath
Alfred Heath

Interview With Alfred Heath (Be Set Free Fast)

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June, 2016
Me: I am here with Alfred Heath, a man with ample and varied training!  He holds a Master of Arts in Psychology, is an LPC, a certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, a Be Set Free Fast™ practitioner and Trainer, a Certified Quantum Entrainment® Facilitator, and an Independent Reiki Master. He runs the Be Set Free Fast website ( ) and is Principal and owner of GratefulMystic™ Mind Body Spirit Complementary Health Services with his own website:
Hi Alfred! Thanks for talking with me. Looking at your credentials–and there are a lot of them!–I know what most of them are…but what does LPC stand for?
Alfred: “LPC” stands for Licensed Professional Counselor. I am licensed in the U.S. state of Virginia by the Virginia Board of Counseling. The license requires a master’s degree with 60 graduate-level semester hours of psychology and counseling education in specified categories (individual, family, group, substance abuse, and crisis counseling and psychotherapy, diagnosis and assessment, etc.), 3,400 hours of professional residency at a licensed mental health clinic or supervised private practice, 200 hours of clinical supervision (100 of those hours must be with a LPC-licensed clinical supervisor), and passing a state exam.
It basically means that I’m licensed to practice independently as a psychotherapist in the state of Virginia. The license is recognized by most U.S. health insurance companies. However, although I keep my license active, I categorize my worldwide phone and skype sessions as psycho-educational coaching, guided meditation, and body-awareness training for psychological, emotional, and physical stress and tension relief.  This because there are aspects of a psychotherapy relationship this work cannot fulfill.
For instance, in a phone and Skype-only worldwide practice, diagnosing mental illness, assessing and intervening for someone’s safety, or referring them to a psychiatrist for medication or a clinical psychologist for psychometric testing or more intensive care options would be beyond what I can reasonably provide.
These are all legal and ethical requirements of mental health therapy in much of the United States. As a teacher, coach, facilitator, and trainer of some great methods, my role is complementary and a powerful adjunct to self-help, psychotherapy and medical care, but it cannot be considered a replacement for either psychotherapy or being under a doctor’s care.
I always recommend to prospective clients that people struggling with mental health diagnoses and/or physical illnesses be under the care of a professional with the appropriate credentials to provide competent care where they live, and to let their care providers know exactly what kind of work we are doing together, and to provide written permission for their healthcare provider(s) to contact me and vice versa with any issues of concern.
I make sure all of my prospective clients are made aware of these conditions and the nature and limitations of my services at the outset by having them read the disclaimer on my website and giving them the opportunity to ask any questions they have before they pay any money or schedule their first session.
Me: So interesting, thanks! Working with people “virtually” or not “in person” is a wonder of our time in history, but it also presents some challenges, it seems.  Still it’s great to have the ability to reach so many!
You mentioned Virginia…so you lived in the US at one point?
Alfred: Yes! I am an American, born and raised in New Jersey, the second youngest of seven children. I left home at age 18 to join the military, and left active duty at age 31 to pursue psychology and the holistic-complementary healing arts. I re-settled in the UK in 2002 (I met my British wife while stationed here in the 80s) and have been here ever since, although I’m due to return to the U.S. in a few months, so I’ll be re-establishing my base stateside.
Me: I am the fifth of seven children myself! Large families are fun, and sometimes full of interesting dynamics 🙂
Alfred: Indeed! Mine was spread out with 20 years between the oldest and youngest. We have a Ph.D. physicist/engineer, an artist, a mathematician, a mechanical engineer and rock guitarist, an accountant, a singer/actress, and a psychologist/healer(me; I also was a professional drummer). It’s quite a varied line-up! My father was a career union factory technician, and my mother was a house cleaner until her multiple sclerosis forced her to stop working. Both of my parents were very intelligent and held high standards for their children’s academic performance.
Me: That’s impressive! Let’s see, we have an electrician, two nurses (one became a counselor later), an elementary school teacher who went on to be a reading specialist and now an assistant principal, two engineers, and a high school teacher. Five of the seven have one or more Master’s degrees (not me– I’m one of the nurses). My dad was an aeronautical engineer, and my mom was a nurse. It’s interesting to see how a family grows and develops 🙂
Back to you though 🙂  It looks like you offer a wide variety of services–various types of practices…do you have a preferred method?
Alfred: My own journey over the past 27 years years been one of learning, practicing, researching, developing and experimenting with dozens of different healing and psychotherapy methods. It’s been a process of searching for the essence of emotional and mind-body healing and the relationship between the body, emotions, mind, behavior, the subtle energy system,  and spirit in the realm of consciousness. The three main methods I use now represent for me a culmination of everything I’ve learned so far from that process and are my preferred tools. I love each of them equally for different reasons, and each produces remarkable results with clients. Also, because I am currently working only by phone, skype, chat, or email, the methods I’m using are the ones most suitable for working remotely with clients using those communication media.
Me: As I mentioned before, it’s great that you can work remotely! Makes your expertise more widely available 🙂 So, on to your methods…
Alfred: Yes, The one I’ve been spending the most time with recently is Be Set Free Fast™ (BSFF for short). I first learned BSFF in 2004 from a 1-day training in the method taught by a husband and wife team of alternative healing and energy psychology experts Dr. Tam and Mary Llewellyn in northern England. I used it regularly for myself and with a few clients until I studied a training video released in 2006 which greatly increased my prowess at the method. I was inspired to fly to Oakland, California the following year to attend an intensive 3-day training with the method’s creator clinical psychologist Dr. Larry Nims and his associate Don Elium, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. It’s been a love affair with the method since then, with my confidence and results with the method reaching new heights. Larry authorized me and a small handful of other practitioners to be trainers in 2010, and in 2012 Larry selected me to be his primary training partner. We are currently working together on a new book on BSFF, and now that Larry has retired, he’s recently designated me to lead in the ongoing spread and development of his method, the creation of a formal trainer training program, and the establishment of standards for authorized trainers and practitioners worldwide. I consider Larry one of my primary mentors, so I want to do right by him and by all those who want to learn and use BSFF to help themselves achieve psychological wholeness and emotional liberation.  Another aim is to establish the method’s acceptance and accreditation among the main professional associations, the American Psychological Association and the National Board for Certified Counselors, and the National Association for Clinical Social Workers. So as you can imagine, there is a lot of work to do with BSFF!
Me: That’s quite an honor to be chosen as the “heir apparent” as it were for a method–I love the premise of BSFF–which is how I came to contact you, as you know 🙂
Alfred: It is indeed a great honor for Larry to entrust me to carry the lead torch for BSFF. Luckily, I’m not alone: there are quite a few highly trained BSFF practitioners out there doing a great job and contributing their discoveries with the method to the collective of BSFF professionals. Because it is its own original method distilled from aspects of other methods and theories, the way it operates is not in step with their fundamental principles, so it is not a full “member of the family”; this includes hypnosis (with BSFF there’s no trance required and it’s way faster), NLP (BSFF requires no special neurolinguistic procedures or understanding), and energy psychology (BSFF abandoned acupressure-point tapping over 15 years ago, but it can include muscle testing from behavioral kinesiology, which is a kind of energy psychology), and cognitive behavioral therapy or “CBT” (BSFF process focuses on eliminating problematic beliefs, but unlike CBT, it functions at the subconscious level).  Because of this, and the fact that it’s been considered a spinoff of energy psychology tapping, BSFF is not actively promoted by any of these major fields of change work. It stands pretty much on its own, and because its inventor was never into marketing and promotion, this revolutionary method has gotten very little exposure, despite the fact that it is highly effective and so much more elegant than these other methods. It really deserves its rightful place! 
The other two methods I work with, the Kinslow System featuring Quantum Entrainment®, and an energy healing method I call ZeroPoint Intention™, are more esoteric in nature and fit more in the realm of one-on-one dyadic meditation, group meditation training, and energy healing. They are both great for emotional and physical stress relief, so should be considered adjunctive or complementary healthcare. These methods can also be very powerful in their own right in terms of facilitating the natural healing process because consciousness, life force, and stress play such key roles in both emotional and physical health challenges
However, every one of these methods is important to my practice:
BSFF for reasons already mentioned;
QE because it is such a simple and wonderfully profoundly healing and spiritual experience for both the practitioner and client, and the client can also learn to do QE for her/himself and others amazingly quickly. QE reliably provides a direct experience of enlightened awareness and its healing effects, and it does so with stunning simplicity. An aspect of this awareness is a wonderful sense of unconditional peace, joy, bliss, or stillness for which QE’s founder coined the term “eufeeling” (“eu” is a Greek prefix meaning “good” or “pleasant”), Doctor of Chiropractic and Clinical Spiritual Counseling Dr. Frank Kinslow is another of my most important mentors;
ZeroPoint Intention because I was inspired to develop it as the culmination of over 25 years of learning and exploring in the healing arts and consciousness. Apart from its mind-boggling efficiency for the practitioner, what I love most about it is that it invites the involvement of the intelligence of the client’s physical body and the wisdom emanating the higher consciousness levels of both practitioner and client. It seems to operate from beyond the boundaries of time and space to support deep emotional and/or physical healing.
Me: I am familiar with QE–have read most, maybe all of Kinslow’s books…love the premise behind that too.  I have heard the term zero point–but never as a form of therapy *:) happy
Alfred: There is actually a BSFF-spinoff called “The ZPoint Process”, but it is entirely unrelated to ZeroPoint Intention. The ZeroPoint Field is a physics term; it’s also known as the “Vacuum State”. It describes an area absent of all matter and subatomic particles, including photons. You’d think that such a state of emptiness would be devoid of energy, but instead physicists found there is a continuous state of energy that is not in wave form. This energy is called “standing energy” or scalar energy. It’s my belief –and I’m not alone in this: several renowned theoretical physicists think this too– that the ZeroPoint Field is the manifestation of Unified Consciousness itself, but it is also the source of all created things: space, energy, and matter all seem to be reducible to the ZPF. For this reason, I believe it is also a means of deliberate creativity and communication; a kind of mass, collective Subconscious Mind of the entire Universe and perhaps even beyond. I deliberately intend for specific types and numbers of sessions to become encoded into the ZPF and stored to unfold in the being of the person or animal to receive them at the appointed time. This is why my professional stance is that this is experimental collective meditation: because there is no way (yet) to prove its healing effects. I’ve been working with this method for nearly 12 years with hundreds of reports of its beneficial effects, so I’m confident of its value. However, I do offer refunds for unsatisfied customers if they believe the session did not unfold for them.
The ZeroPoint Field seems to have a different relationship with time and space, and while the intention for the sessions seems to enfold into the ZPF (which is ubiquitous in Creation) like an encoded instruction, the healing energy seems to unfold out of the part of the ZPF the person’s body and energy field is occupying, manifesting right in the areas of the body and energy system where needed.
Early on in ZPI’s development, I realized that people with experience of Reiki sessions found these sessions very different from Reiki. Just as BSFF emerged from Thought Field Therapy (TFT) as a completely new paradigm, ZPI emerged from Reiki as a distinctly new and different energy healing modality. It’s my belief that when intention is converted into energy as it transitions from intention entering the ZPF to healing energy emanating from the ZPF, that it arrives from inside the very atoms in the body and the air surrounding the person which is the ubiquitous “ground state”, present everywhere. Because I believe consciousness is also boundless, I’ve been operating on the hypothesis that the zero point field is the physical manifestation of consciousness itself, and therefore properly expressed intention will generate a flow of energy out of the ZPF to manifest that intention.
How to describe the ZPF Intention healing session experience? People often experience a slight chill or goose bumps at the beginning before the familiar warmth and tingle of an energy healing session comes through. Many people have also reported the sense that their body is being scanned before the healing session starts in earnest. From there, the experience of the sessions themselves can vary greatly: Some people just sleep through the sessions regardless of whether they were even sleepy before they started (this usually means there are some deep psychological issues being addressed that they are not ready to be conscious during), but most people seem to experience one or more of the following: feeling physical manipulation and pressure, involuntary body movements, a variety of energy sensations, and dreams/visions.  It can be anything from an utterly forgettable experience to an amazing journey. I make no attempt to steer it in any direction: the only thing that really matters is the fulfillment of the intention for it to effect the desired healing (or something better or more important from the point of view of Higher Intelligence and Wisdom). The sessions tend to focus on what is intended for the healing, but they are also invited to have their own, deeper and more spiritual dimension as well.
While I value everything I’ve learned over the years, and a lot of the education, training and experience comes into play to inform aspects of how I work with clients, I feel that these three methods (BSFF, QE, and ZPI) represent the essence of how I’ve learned to best apply the tools of human consciousness to effect physical and emotional healing and spiritual wholeness.
Me: Makes sense to me! How do you decide what method to use for a particular person?
Alfred: Which one I use to work with a particular client really depends on what the client is looking for, open to, and comfortable with (the client’s comfort level with how we work together is paramount), so we discuss it and arrive at the best fit for her/him. Sometimes it’s a matter of how they found my name: they may have been looking for BSFF sessions, QE sessions, or hypnotherapy and decided to contact me on that basis. Most people who don’t give a lot of credence to the idea of one person’s consciousness having a distant effect on another person tend to be more comfortable with the concept of training their own mind to eliminate emotional and mind-body problems, so BSFF would be a better choice for them, although learning QE as a self-help emotional healing and meditation method might be something they’re interested in. Clients who are spiritually oriented and/or comfortable with energy healing often seeking or open to QE or one of the ZPI processes.
I try to avoid a “one size fits all” approach, and some clients find they need to look further for a different method, or will benefit more from working in person with a therapist, coach, or healing arts practitioner rather than by phone or skype with me. Often, my services are in combination with other things my clients are doing for themselves, and that’s great.
I occasionally offer free samples of QE and ZPI for those who are curious but would be hesitant to enter into a formal, professional relationship with a practitioner until they were convinced the method actually works!
Me: That’s great–I may hit you up for a free sample myself! 🙂 Do you ever have sudden, dramatic “healings”? Or do you have a case that was especially memorable for you?
Alfred: Well, there have been so many fascinating successes with each of these methods: I’ll share one or two good stories with each method:
A client once contacted me who was a very experienced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) master (I mention this because BSFF and EFT are different methods but they address identical types of issues). We did a series of three BSFF sessions to address an issue she was unable to resolve with EFT herself. We worked together on the standard first two sessions of global issues, and prior to starting she assured me that she’d resolved all of those issues using EFT and other methods many years ago. Because I’ve known for some time that BSFF reaches the root-causes behind issues, I convinced her to humor me. We worked our way through the global issues during the session, and she came to realize those issues of how she viewed the world and herself had been improved but never truly resolved. It was a very powerful session! I had her continue to work through the issues daily for the week in between, and she said she actually felt like a different person by week 2. We went on to successfully resolve the specific issue she wanted help with, and it had connections to those global issues we’d resolved, cleared up rather easily. She was delighted with the increase in her level of confidence and the traumatic experience that kept holding her back now had no influence on her.
On another occasion, I had the occasion to introduce BSFF to an acquaintance fellow hypnotherapist I’ve known for several years. Every few weeks we would bump  into one another and chat at a coffee shop, eatery, or store near where each of us worked. I would tell him about the latest trainings I was attending or the ones I was putting on for BSFF in Europe and the U.S., and he would tell me about hypnosis demos and books he was writing. About a year ago we ran into each other at a local fast-food restaurant, and I offered to show him a “quick sample” version of BSFF, promising him it’d only take 5 minutes or less (we were waiting on our food orders!). I had him pick a cue word and listen to a very brief instruction to his subconscious mind (no trance induction), all of which took about 20 seconds. Then I asked him if he had something that was annoying or bothersome to him when he thought about it that registered at about a “5” and no higher on a 0-10 scale. He thought for a moment and nodded his head. I had him shift his attention to his own breathing and the sensations in his body for a moment, then told him to say his cue word (and exhale) to signal his subconscious mind to eliminate the subconscious roots of the problem. He did so, gazing in a way that I could tell he was internally focused. I asked him what he noticed, and he said “I experienced a kind of relaxation… A DEEP relaxation….” I asked him to think about the bothersome thing again and let me know where it was now on that same 0-10 scale.  He looked down for a moment, then closed his eyes and furrowed his brow for another moment, opened them, looking surprised, and said “It doesn’t seem to register at all, if feels something like a distant memory.”  I told him I couldn’t promise it wouldn’t come back, but if it did, just do the same thing (scale, cue, re-scale).  The full protocol is much more thorough than this, but there was no time for that, and I wasn’t worried about it since this was only something on the order of a moderate annoyance/irritation; nothing “huge”.
I ran into my acquaintance about three months later at a different local eatery, and when he saw me in line he yelled out “There you are! I’m buying your lunch!” I thought he might be celebrating getting a publisher for his latest book, so after thanking him I asked what the occasion was. He said across the room “IT WAS THAT THING YOU DID YOU ME!” which was a little awkward for a moment! He walked over and clarified, ” That ‘Set Free’ thing. It really worked! You remember how I chose the public speaking anxiety?” He didn’t remember that I never asked him what he chose to use his cue for. //I’m paraphrasing here// “Well, it actually scaled at 8 or higher when I checked it, but I kept that to myself because I had an engagement coming up in eight weeks. What usually happens is that about 6 weeks prior, I start getting more and more anxious and preoccupied about it, start over-rehearsing, losing sleep, and having to force myself to eat. I have a ritual of what clothes I have to wear with certain cuff links or I can’t even go to the podium. I get full-blown panic attacks the day before and day of. The presentations always go fine, but it’s always been increasing torture for those 6 weeks leading right up to them.” I asked him what this last time was like. He said “That’s just it: When we did that, I thought to myself ‘There’s no way that could have really worked.’” Now this gentleman truly was a highly skilled hypnotherapist with about 20+ years of experience and plenty of success stories to base this assessment on. He continued “It wasn’t until 3-4 weeks prior to my speaking engagement that I realized none of the anticipatory anxiety was there! I hadn’t even remembered to start rehearsing until a couple weeks before. And whenever I thought about the presentation, I felt increasingly happy and eager! No more ritualistic clothes and behavior, and no panic attacks! Best presentation I ever gave.” He also mentioned that using his cue while bowling had significantly increased his bowling scores.  I told him I should have ordered something more expensive on his tab! His name is Eddie Thompkins, and I think his testimonial is still on my BSFF training
Here’s one for Quantum Entrainment: I was running a Quantum Entrainment stand a couple of years ago at a 2-day holistic health fair. I was set up to sell books and cds, and to give 2-minute free demos for the first 20 minutes of every hour, as well as offer 10 and 20-minute sessions and an hour-long introductory presentation in one of the workshop rooms.  I’ve done about a dozen of these 2-4 day events in London and elsewhere in England over the last few years. I’d guess I’ve given hundreds of demos and dozens of brief 10 or 20-minute sessions at these things, and between them and my client sessions, there have been more stories than I could possibly remember. One that sticks out is from one of the short sessions. A gentleman walked up and had some bandages on his torso. He said he’d had surgery a few days before to remove part of his intestines because he had stage 3-4 bowel cancer. He asked for the sampler, but within seconds he was drenched in sweat. After the two minutes I checked in with him and he said “That was incredible! Let’s have a 20-minute session!”. We continued, and he continued to sweat (it was about 72 deg in the room with fans creating a light breeze). It  was dripping from his elbow and the end of his nose several drops a second. I’ve never seen anything like it before or since. Also there was a STRONG smell of ether coming off him, and I briefly wondered if he might be an alcoholic until I remembered that he’d just had surgery: his body was rapidly detoxifying itself from the anesthetic he’d been under during the surgery!  Shortly after the session, his wife told me he had to race to the men’s room for the intestinal part of the detox! I continued to have to remote sessions with him for about a month, and he reported feeling wonderful by the end of them. I’d love to be able to say his cancer was cured, but I never heard from him after our last session. This is often the case, even though I invite people to provide updates.
Here’s a ZPI™ Healing Gift™ session account a session prepared ahead of time for the person to receive at her convenience for a torn calf muscle:  “As my cold was better today, I went ahead and resumed the first (healing session //She decided to stop the first session part-way through because she’d had a bad cold and was coughing too much to lie still). Almost immediately it picked up where it had left off without the coughing!  I had chills down my back…that lasted awhile. Then I had a wonderful release, relaxing sensation down my left leg – it is where I had had a feeling about a week ago like a rubber band inside had snapped and made my lower calf muscle feel like it had a rock in it…for about the rest of the week and had to stay off of running on it for nearly a week.  That relaxing sensation happened about 3 times I think – really nice…and afterwards I was able to run about 5 miles – the most I have been able to do since (the injury)! Near the end of the intention I had a strange “dream” where I was holding our cat who we used to have (it had actually died a few years ago), and it talked to our dog, and just as I was asking it to repeat what it just said (because I was rather surprised!) I noticed that the cat was really my daughter…”  I’m leaving the rest out because it deals with personal and very emotional issues.  It’s often the case that these Healing Gift sessions will address physical, emotional, and spiritual issues all in one session because they are connected in some way or because of the importance of an issue that a client might not have elected to address. As I mentioned earlier, a higher wisdom and intelligence is at work!
Me: Wow….I love hearing such stories! The fact that different approaches are effective is equally cool to me…something I mention on my web-site is the idea that there are many paths to the same destination…your experience demonstrates that idea rather nicely!
Do you have a daily practice that you yourself do with all of these choices? Or how do you choose which approach to use–for yourself or for others?
Alfred: With QE, that perception of eufeeling becomes integrated into daily awareness with regular practice, until doing the QE basic techniques becomes unnecessary. Now I’ll only do QE when I realize I’m not aware of eufeeling or when I’m doing a demonstration, a session, or leading a practice group. I’ll use the QE process for meditation, but I haven’t had a regularly-timed and formal meditation practice for many years. I simply become conscious of being aware of eufeeling many times a day: it’s wonderful!
I do use BSFF frequently for emotional and psychological or mindbody things that might come up, and I also use it in a special way that I named “The Orientation Process”. It is a powerful process to fully ground, center, align, and synchronize the body and consciousness. It’s sort of a “bodymindenergy” sync-up. I try to remember to do that every day. It feels really nice!  Even though BSFF is designed to eliminate unresolved subconscious emotions and beliefs, it also works wonderfuly  to bring my energy system into balance; this is because subconscious emotions and beliefs have everything to do with why our consciousness and energy get out of sync with our body.
I’ll only personally have a ZPI healing session if I”m feeling ill or exhausted, because it’s so much more difficult to work on one’s self when one’s reserves are depleted. Even with BSFF and QE, there is a continual active element aspect of consciousness that requires awareness, attention, and will. Once the ZPI process is initiated, there is nothing to do but lie back and rest, passively noting whatever is happening. or simply allowing sleep to overtake me!
As far as choosing for other people is concerned, they will usually contact me with BSFF or QE already in mind because they’ll have found my name on a listing. Sometimes I will suggest adding ZPI sessions if there is a lot of stuff going on with them that I don’t think they can handle with self-help in between sessions. If for some reason they don’t seem to take to the QE or to BSFF, or if we run into a problem that I sense intuitively would respond better to one than the other, I may suggest trying the other method. But I’m generally happy to use whichever method they want to work with. Some clients who know of me more as a healer than a therapist will go for the ZPI sessions first for physical or emotional health issues, and some just purely out of curiosity.
Me: Well, that makes sense…I imagine people are also more comfortable if they have chosen the approach to go with…
Do you use any affirmations or goal-setting or any other “typical” Law of Attraction practices? What are your thoughts on the Law of Attraction as it is presented to people in general?
Alfred: I’m not a Law of Attraction expert; I can only speak from personal experience. Whenever I applied intention to manifest something I wanted to create in my life –financial abundance, a particular job, a relationship– it backfired in stupendous fashion. It wasn’t until I took a different approach and used BSFF that realized what was happening.   I decided to cue around an affirmation because I thought there might be subconscious baggage causing this phenomenon. I kept reciting: “Money is just energy, and I can easily attract the energy of abundance.”  After cueing to this statement a couple of times, what I can only call ferocious fear flooded into my consciousness. It was a real shock! I continued to cue until it subsided. This taught me that no matter positive whatever we are intending consciously is, the intention carries on it waves any subconscious negative emotions or beliefs which will alter or even dominate the overall vibration of the conscious intention.
I actually had much better success applying QE for this purpose. It’s called “QE Intention” and what’s great about it is that it dissolves the fear first and aligns one’s perception with eufeeling. Dr Kinslow teaches –and I agree based on studying spiritual teachings of A Course in Miracles and other teaching as well as his– that it is really our essential wholeness we are craving when we have a desire for some acquisition or worldly pleasure, but we try to fulfill that desire with objects instead of identifying with our source. When we do QE, we reunite our perception with our Self (Self-awareness; the same thing as eufeeling), and the fear associated with separation and lack dissolves. Then when we imagine whatever that desire is from this perspective, we simply enjoy and appreciate the imagined object like a flower or painting. This high-quality state of consciousness is far more amenable to manifestation and creation. I’ve had things manifest almost immediately that I thought about without any feeling of need while aware of eufeeling: a phone call with an offer from someone reputable for the very thing was thinking of. Pretty amazing. The other thing about this QE Intention is that it doesn’t involve me getting more and more detailed and specific. Frank says great specificity is an expression of fear, and that when we are easier about it, we can allow the Universe to have greater latitude to respond to our intention, whic may bring it forth faster.
I haven’t gotten rich from this practice, but in general I’ve noticed an ease and flow, as well as things generally working out much better regarding personal achievements and financial ease.  I’m sold on QE Intention!
Me: I can relate to having “issues” with implementing the Law of Attraction myself.  I discuss this on the web-site, in fact.  I am excited to explore BSFF–which is new to me. I’m also excited to re-approach QE, which, as I have mentioned, I have read about and whose premise I embrace.
I appreciate the time you have spent with me.  It’s been fun and inspiring to hear your stories and experiences. I’m sure my readers will agree!
Alfred: I’m on a mission to share these powerful tools (BSFF, QE, and ZPI) with everyone who wants to be empowered to be able to apply their own consciousness to achieve wellbeing. It’s been a great pleasure and an honor to share my practice with you!

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