Interview with Jane Warren: Author and Healer

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Interview with Jane Warren

November 1st, 2016

Jane Warren is a trained Reiki Master, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Sound Healer and a provider of a variety of alternative therapies.  She has studied Human Services, Community Services, Family Services and has a diploma in counseling.

Cate: Welcome, Jane!  Thanks for joining me today! Let’s get right to it 🙂

I see you are experienced with a lot of alternative healing techniques. How did this come about–or what led you to pursue alternative healing?

Jane: My real interest in alternative healing started when I became a mother. My daughter was very sensitive – first to the immunizations, then to milk, and then to penicillin. I was blessed to have a friend who guided me toward natural alternatives for my daughter. I took her to a homeopath for example, and he did a lot to help her clear the reactions she had had to allopathic medicine. During that time my son was born and I ended up giving up milk while nursing him and discovered I was also lactose intolerant and developed an intolerance to wheat during those busy parenting years. It was alternatives that helped with the physical symptoms. I had another friend who nudged me into the emotional side of alternative therapies, starting with Reiki training. I became a Reiki master and also developed a deep yearning during that time to be more connected to the spiritual realm. It was the beginning of a journey where I was practically eating books about energy healing and the changing energy of the earth and the exciting times we were entering. It was the 1990s when all of this started to awaken within me.

Cate: I’m smiling at your choice of words “practically eating” the books–I have been through such periods myself, although it’s been awhile…

How did you get started channeling?

Jane: During that period, when my children were still young, one of the books I was devouring was Opening to Channeling by Sanaya Roman. I would put my children to bed and do the meditations and various activities suggested in the book. Near the end of that book Sanaya Roman asked the reader to get a tape recorder and call in Higher Beings and try channeling by speaking. I remember feeling very silly talking out loud to myself, but I was keen. I had a deep yearning for it. I simply started talking and the words, “Greetings from the Love and Light of the Creator. Greetings from the Great Central Sun” came pouring out of my mouth.

At the time I didn’t give that much thought, but now I realize that is a powerful introduction to the channeling and speaks to the connection I had right from the beginning. However, I was in a place of very low self-esteem at the time and didn’t recognize the natural ability I had for channeling. It took me over a decade to really trust the accuracy and purity of my channeling ability. After receiving that first message I asked whom the channeling was from and got the name Rashana.

Years later I decided to legally change my name from Jane to Rashana. Interestingly, after nine years of being Rashana I am ready to go back to Jane Warren. Rashana, I now realize, holds a heavy spiritual responsibility that is not meant for this earthly expression. The name helped me do a lot of healing and now I’m ready to go back to Jane, in that healed state, and with less responsibility. It’s time for more fun!

Cate: Wow. What an adventure! 🙂  It’s very interesting to hear how a channeler experiences the channeling–a first for me 🙂

Do you still channel, then? And if so is it as a form of therapy for clients, or is it more about sharing information?

Jane: Yes, I still enjoy the channeling work because it is not coming from the place of being broken you could say.

That’s an interesting question about it being a form of therapy. Information is therapy in many cases. Often the channeling acts as a confirmation for people of what they already knew in some level of their being. That can be powerful in itself, to have the faith that you are on the right path so to speak. Other times, it is new information that completely shifts their way of thinking and their thought process in some regard, which is very healing. When I channel I often see a higher vision for people as well. It is like their soul is showing me the highest path for them to take. This is a great gift I believe, to know the direction that your soul is urging you toward. People who have had the courage to move toward that vision have seen their lives change.

One client comes to mind. We had several sessions together and the vision for her was building over time. She made a major move in her life, as suggested by the Guides and then I heard from her a few months later with disturbing news. She was unhappy, her dog, who was not very old had died, and nothing seemed to be working. I was confused because the vision was so bright for her in making this move. Then, a couple of months after that, she wrote to tell me that everything was falling into place, her work was opening up in the direction I had seen, and now she is very happy there with much of what was envisioned for her unfolding.

I believe that chaos often precedes a better way. I have experienced it in my own life. It is like, in order to get to the higher vision of our lives, we have to go through the dismantling of what was. People often mistake that for things falling apart and give up when it is only the last 10% to move through before the light shines again.

Cate: I can see that–have witnessed in my own life. You just have to hang in there!

Jane:  Yes, we often don’t see the higher purpose for life events and we give up.

I do ask my channeling clients to come with lots of questions because the Guides want the session to be directed by the person. The information is not like going to a psychic. I would not call myself a psychic. I only get the information when I intentionally connect with the Higher Self of the person I am working with and my Guides to bring the information forward in response to specific questions. The Higher Beings of Light will not interfere or direct our lives without a request from us. They wait to be asked and that is their permission to share their wisdom and beautiful Love with us.

Cate: I like that–that they wait to be “invited” so to speak. It would seem to help people be more receptive to the input 🙂

Do you currently use any of your other training/healing modalities for yourself or for clients?

Jane: When I am working with someone, any number of skills may be used in a session. I have a lot in my toolbox and use what seems appropriate for the session.

For example, after developing the Freedom Release Technique which we will talk about later, I found myself doing work in the subconscious that one person identified as Akashic Records work. I believe I have had many, many lifetimes as a healer and therefore have access to tools that just come naturally to me. This person felt that my work is so pure that I was given permission to work in the Records. I have a very open mind for this work and let my imagination go when working with a client. What we call imagination is really tapping into another dimension where so much is possible. Saying that, it is also important to be sure the person you are working with is of pure intent and working for the benefit of all of humanity and the earth.

To get back to the question, channeling is what I am focusing on the most now and yet, in a channeling session I may find myself calling passed loved ones doing mediumship work, or doing other clearing work as part of the session. I do Freedom Release Technique work for myself, but I find it more challenging to channel for myself because it is hard to be completely objective in my answer. Sometimes my friend asks questions for me and that seems to work!

Cate: Yes, channeling for yourself could get tricky.  Quite an unusual situation! 🙂

Do you run into much skepticism about the validity of your channeling?  If so, how do you handle it?

Jane: To be honest, I think I was the greatest skeptic in the beginning. Of course, people who are not open to the possibility of being in touch with other dimensions will be skeptical. I accept people for where they are. If someone is skeptical, I assume they will not ask for a session. If they do, and they don’t believe what comes through or don’t feel any shift within themselves, I accept that as their truth and yet know within myself what happened during the session. Thankfully, I have been doing this long enough now to be fully confident in my work and what comes through and I know, as a very sensitive soul, that there is a shift for the person whether they are aware of it or not.

Our beliefs really do create our lives and so, if someone does not believe it is possible to heal or change or garner wisdom through one of my sessions, they will not be able to see any change because it does not match their belief system. I am getting waaay out there, but quantum physics is showing that our reality is created in our mind and then projected out into the world. That is the power of our beliefs. I like to use the example of someone with multiple personalities.  They can have a diagnosed illness as one personality but not as a different personality. That is to say, they can, from one minute to the next go from having a diagnosed illness to not having it. So, where does the manifestation of the illness originate, in the body or the mind? That, to me, shows the power of our beliefs.

Cate: Yes, I’ve read about the oddity of multiple personality patients–I think sometimes one personality needs glasses while the others do not–very intriguing to try to understand!

A similar story I often mention (it’s on my website) is about this man that had cancer. He was offered an experimental drug that had early rave reviews. His tumors disappeared. But when the drug was proven ineffective, his tumors returned. This went back and forth a couple of times with the man’s tumors appearing and disappearing in response to his belief about the effectiveness of the treatment. In the end the drug was deemed ineffective once and for all, and the man soon died 🙁

Sad story but very exciting in what it demonstrates!

peaking of possibilities, I saw that you created something called the Freedom Release Technique. This has a familiar ring to it.  How is this different than Larry Crane’s Release technique, and/or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)?  Is FRT something people can learn to do for themselves, or does a practitioner need to be used?

Jane: Yes, I think the name is confusing for people. I was called to use the word Freedom in my Technique because it releases the belief systems that I was just talking about that hold us back in life. It is very different from EFT and the Release Technique for a few reasons. It does require a practitioner. That’s because the practitioner goes into your subconscious and finds the event in your past that created the belief that is causing you difficulty in your life. Someone needs to take the Practitioner training to use the technique because of the highly intuitive nature of the work.

With the other techniques that you mention the person needs to be able to identify the belief that they want to change. With the Freedom Release Technique (FreedomRT), the practitioner can get to the source of the belief that is causing difficulty in life. It may be so deeply hidden that you aren’t even aware that it is there and so you wouldn’t know to try and clear it. A FreedomRT practitioner is trained to go back and find those source limiting beliefs and it is then cleared – dissolved in a sense – and replaced with a beneficial outcome. I have done work on myself, clearing the belief that I am not supported in the world for example, and seen my life change the very next day. As soon as I changed the belief to being supported in the world people started showing up to help me. I was amazed at how quickly it changed. With other healing modalities it can take a long time to get to the core belief that underlies your challenges. With the Freedom Release Technique, the practitioner can go all the way back into past lives to find the core and release it and change it to a positive event.

This again may sound very improbable to some and yet I have seen wonderful shifts for people with the work. To give an example, one woman who booked several sessions with me is the mother of 3 young children. She found her relationship with her middle child to be more strained than with the other two. In the session I found a past life that they had together that was the source of that strain. It was cleared and the next time she came for a session she told me that her relationship with that child was much softer. The time after that she told me that their relationship was still good even though she thought that the change may not have been permanent. It was. The reason I have handed this work over to the certified practitioners is that I am no longer intensely focused on that kind of clearing work for myself after four years of being deeply focused in it, and so it feels more authentic at this point to hand it over to the very skilled practitioners listed on the website.

Cate: Yes, it sounds like pretty intensive (yet rewarding) work! I can understand wanting some time off from it!

Do you have a current project or primary interest you would like to talk about/share with us?

Jane: I’m so delighted that you asked that. I’m very excited about a book that I am re-writing called Conversations with a Tree. It is an incredible journey that started for me in 2012 when I found that I have the ability to receive messages from trees. It was one tree in particular that asked me to be her scribe, and it led to a powerful connection. I have felt love from the trees that is very similar to what I feel when I am connected to my Guides. Sometimes I am moved to tears with the deep gratitude and unconditional love I feel from the Guides. Much to my surprise, I have felt that same love from the trees. There is again, some deep connection – a memory perhaps deep within my DNA – that is connected to the trees.

One day I had been zip lining and was directed to a small shack to remove my gear. I was bent down to remove the straps from my gear and when I looked up there was a picture – a centerfold – out of the National Geographic of a giant sequoia tree called the President. One quick glimpse of that tree and I started to cry. Something moved my soul. That is the connection I have with the trees, and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to bring their loving messages into the world. Readers can go to to be notified of the book’s release.

There is so much coming forward of the benefit of being in the forest. In Japan doctors actually recommend ‘forest bathing’ which is, essentially, walking in the forest to reduce blood pressure, stress and much more. There is a lot of scientific research now to the benefits of being in nature and among trees. Add to that the great and loving wisdom that the trees have to share and I believe we are on our way back to our true nature of joy. As the trees have said to me, we, as a society, are yearning but never finding because what we yearn for is not found in more stuff. It is found by returning to our true nature through nature. I feel deeply honored for my role in leading humanity in that direction for the benefit of all.

Cate: Sounds similar to a Native American view of our connection to nature.  Your name could be Talks-with-trees J I’ve read about trees communicating with each other, but not with humans! 🙂

Thanks so much for joining me and for sharing your story! You have led an unusual and very interesting life so far! I look forward to reading your book and wish you success in all your endeavors!

Jane: Thanks so much Cate. I appreciate the opportunity to share my work and contribute to the Good News of the world. It’s wonderful work you are doing, focusing on the positive. In my experience it truly does contribute to a favorable outcome.