Ways to Improve Your Life

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Ways to Improve Your Life

Standing in line at the grocery store, I am entertained by the headlines of the magazines on display, proclaiming ways to improve your life: “Lose 20 Pounds in 3 Weeks!” “Eat This Superfood and Boost Your Brain Power.” “Take This Supplement and Live to 100!” So many publications chock full of ways to improve your life–and why not?! Who isn’t interested in a better way?! You might even call it an inherent human drive. I know that I personally, while being skeptical of the hoopla, nonetheless, want to know the scoop! What’s the secret?! Should I give it a try?!


The other pages of this site have dealt largely with observable facts or science—and offered a “better” way to view the news ( with a focus on environmental news) we are presented with as well as the summation that the sky is NOT falling 🙂 So it seems that one of the ways to improve your life is to open your mind to the possibility that what you hear may not be true. Or, at least, there may be more to the story.


This part of the site is all about perspective or how you choose to look at things. You have likely heard of the Law of Attraction. Well, there’s a “movement” that preceded the Law of Attraction (New Thought)…which in turn bases many of its tenets on ancient ideas and scripture.  This part of the web-site will talk about ways of seeing things that are positive, uplifting and encouraging! Additionally, there will be information shared on creating financial abundance in your life because having enough money makes enjoying a good life that much easier. Scattered throughout, you will see some reviews of products that relate to the topic at hand.


One easy way to improve your life is through recognizing the value of and nurturing a good sense of humor.  With such easy access to media for most of us, this is an easy task.  Pull up some youtube videos, sign on to netflix, pop a dvd in the player and laugh until you cry. Carry your sense of humor throughout the day and notice how many moments can make you smile. Then there’s your mind-—you’ve heard the phrase mind over matter? Learning about the mind’s abilities and potential is empowering to say the least! I will also share some philosophical or spiritual practices that I have found meaningful and which have helped me to see that life is beautiful. Next, I will discuss one approach to making improvements in your life using positive words. After that, I will talk about an interesting phenomenon that gives hope that the good you’d like to see in the world isn’t as hard to achieve as you might think! Change is easy! Lastly, read my take on creating financial abundance in your life.  Money may not be everything, but it does make everything easier! Enjoy exploring these approaches to a better life!

Kindness corner 

(from Woman’s World magazine)

A young couple pays for an older woman’s lunch at Subway–little did they know she was in the midst of hard times–struggling with bills and having car troubles. Shirley Green of Arvada, CO is excited to pay it forward!