Ways to Improve Your Life: Tip 1

Ways to Improve Your Life: Tip 1

This will be a multi-part post. These tips are part of the Motivation Monday series. While not directly about motivation per se, they relate because anything that improves your daily experience will in turn support and contribute to your motivation efforts. 🙂

#1 Discover Your Life’s Purpose

Stop for a minute and focus on the reason you do what you do on a daily basis. Figure out the “why” if you will. Why were you put on this earth? What are you here to accomplish?  Finding your life’s purpose is no easy task. It requires introspection and contemplation–something for which many of us don’t make time!

Or maybe it just takes 5 minutes! 😉

Despite the catchy video title, for most of us, it does require some time in thought. Some people choose an exercise like yoga or running because of its meditational element, and through these routines they learn how to go within to a quiet place. This helps them discover  their purpose. Others choose to get out more in nature. Reading books about such topics is also good. Whatever works for you!

Once you connect with your purpose, you’ll have a whole new outlook on life. Your energy level will go up, you’ll have a new spring in your step and you will find that you are motivated to take action toward goals and dreams.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our daily life that we lose track of why we are here in the first place. So once you find your purpose, make a habit of reminding yourself every so often 🙂

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