Want to Lose Weight ?

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Ask 10 people for their New Year’s Resolutions and most assuredly at least a couple will say,I want to lose weight.”

Many of us use this time of year as a reminder to reflect on and evaluate our lives. Are we doing the things we want to do? Are we living in a manner that is leading to the achievement of our goals? Do we even have goals? 🙂

A perennial area in which many people find themselves seeking improvement as the new year dawns is fitness/ideal weight.  I want to lose weight is a common cry every January first! 🙂 In our busy daily lives, eating well and exercising often fall by the wayside.  Next thing we know, summer arrives and we dread donning our swimsuits to enjoy the fun to be had at beaches and pools.  Or, if you’re like me, the whole year passes and we find that no progress was made on the fitness/ideal weight front. ?

No point in beating ourselves up!  But certainly, if you have fallen short of your ideals (in any area of living), there is motivation to do better this year 🙂 For me, new years is a time to regroup and rethink my life. Yes, I did not achieve all my goals–but that’s okay.  I had a good year regardless–I enjoy my current status while aspiring to more 🙂

So back to losing weight. I’m in my 50’s. I was naturally thin as a child, but in my teens developed some bad eating habits 🙁 So even though I was an athlete and have always been active as far as exercising goes, I have had weight issues most of my adult life. I have read a lot and tried a lot of approaches. And one thing I am sure of–there are many different ways to achieve and maintain your ideal weight, and to be fit!

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