Using A Bullet Journal To Boost Productivity

Using A Bullet Journal To Boost Productivity
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If you want to be more organized and get more done, using a bullet journal to boost productivity is a great way to go.

A bullet journal is a great way to increase productivity at work, at home, or in school. Everyone can benefit from bullet journaling–how neat is that? 🙂  College students, busy working moms, entrepreneurs and so on.  If you’re someone who feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that you want to accomplish, consider using a bullet journal to help you plan and prioritize.

Using a Bullet Journal to Plan Ahead

As you make out your daily to-do list, you, of course, have to think about the day ahead. You have to think about what you want to get done.  If this is done early in the day, first thing, you will likely find that it is the best way to have productive days.

Many of us start the day browsing social media or surfing the net.  And before you know it, an hour has passed. Getting into the habit of using a bullet journal for your daily tasks first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day on track to get some things done!

Thinking of your day and jotting tasks all down in a list solidifies the flow of the day ahead and gives you something to look at so you can choose what comes first, what comes next, what can be done in down time (like while waiting in line) and so on.

Some people find it helpful to make out their next day’s task list at the end of the day. Others prefer to make out their list first thing in the morning, while they are drinking coffee and getting ready for the day. Both are valid approaches.

Both require carrying over unfinished tasks, or having a separate list for tasks that are open ended as far as when to get them done. Give both times of day a try and see what works better for you.

Using a Bullet Journal  to Motivate Yourself To Get Stuff Done

Once you have your daily tasks recorded, you’ll  work on checking them off.  This is the satisfying part! And each item checked off serves as positive reinforcement of your ability to get things done.  A little spark of motivation to do more.

Having the list  helps keep the motivation juices flowing.  It does so by providing a visual reminder of what you should be working on. You won’t get stuck trying to remember what needs doing and will thus be less likely to get lost in distractions like watching cat videos 😺.

Viewing a daily list of tasks is a simple and effective tool for self-motivation. Try it for yourself, and see how much more you get done in a day with a daily list in your bullet journal.

Using a Bullet Journal As a Great Record To Help Guide You Along Your Desired Path

Last but not least, a bullet journal is a great record of what you’ve been up to. Set aside a little time  each week (maybe Saturday or Sunday) to look through your journal.

Reflect on your week (or month if you prefer to do this monthly).  Are you getting things done? Are you focused on the right tasks?  Are there things you should drop from your daily to-do list?

Use the record your bullet journal provides you to shape your days and the things you choose to accomplish. It will make you better at your job, in school, and at home. Use it as a personal and professional improvement tool.

In Conclusion

Using a bullet journal to boost productivity is one of the simplest ways to get organized, get motivated, and get things done! Check out the journals I have in my etsy shop.  There are lots of choices aimed to please.  🙂


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