Using a Bullet Journal as a Memory Keeper

Using a Bullet Journal as a Memory Keeper
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When you think of bullet journaling, using a bullet journal as a memory keeper may not be what comes to mind! But it’s certainly doable and for those that love bullet journaling in general, a perfect idea to pursue.

We all know how time flies when you’re having fun, or are just plain busy!  It can feel like life is passing us by, and we’re not fully noticing or appreciating all the amazing little things that happen to us as we navigate the busy days.

Bullet journaling to the rescue! With a few little tweaks, your bullet journal can also become a memory keeper. You’ll love thumbing through the pages in years to come and having the pages take you back in time.

Here are three ways to do just that.

Look Back And Reflect

Even if you never made any special entries, your bullet journal can be a great tool to “walk back in time.” For example, seeing your past entry about ordering gardening tools would remind you of the early days of growing your first few vegetables in the garden.   

Or a task like  call for washer repair  would remind you of the day your washing machine broke and you ended up taking your laundry and your kids to a laundromat–a new experience for them!

So–even without paying any special attention to recording memorable events- your  bullet journal already serves as a memory keeper for you. 🙂 

You just need to take a moment each week or so to look.

Note Daily Events You Want To Remember (even small ones)

Before you head to bed at night, add a little note, or even just a bullet or two about memorable things that happened during the day that you’d like  to remember.

It might be something funny one of your kids said. Or an unusual bird you saw at the feeder.  Maybe you witnessed kindness in action as you did your errands. Or an epiphany that struck as you sat in traffic. 

It’s your choice what you want to record and in what format. If you’re so inclined, add a picture, draw something, or stick something in your journal that reminds you of the day’s event. For example, you could include some confetti from the concert you attended.

You could make the entries in the form of a gratitude list. I am thankful for my child’s funny comment today that made me chuckle. I am grateful for seeing a beautiful new bird at the feeder today. I think it was a ________.  I give thanks for music and for being able to attend a concert tonight.

What fun to look back and read about memorable moments and events of days gone by!

Add A Monthly Memory Page

Last but not least, you can decide to add dedicated memory pages to your journal. Think of them as little scrapbook pages. How you design them is entirely up to you. Do what’s fun.  🥳

This could mean making a traditional scrapbook page with photos and washi tape.   It could mean writing a short essay, or it could be a page of doodles and words that represent things you want to remember from the month. It could even just be a separate bullet list of memories.

Remember this is your journal and there’s no right or wrong way to use it as a memory keeper! Figure out a way that makes sense for you.  Mix and match methods as desired (As an added bonus this focus on recording little memories will help you live “in the moment” day to day as you pay more attention for things to record).

Using a bullet journal as a memory keeper will help you appreciate the fun and interesting little things that happen every day. Give it a try!

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