Tips for Enjoying the Holidays

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I personally love the holiday season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s), but I don’t deny that there is some stress mixed in with all the fun 🙂 Hearing from friends and family via Christmas cards, means writing and sending cards out (and maybe even finding the perfect photo :)).  Enjoying all the bright lights and colorful decorations means you have to get them out of storage and put up! And Santa gets a lot of help with shopping and wrapping gifts around here 😉

In the spirit of the season, here’s my gift to you: tips to make the hustle and bustle less stressful ❤️

  1. Start early–okay it’s too late for that this year 😛 But generally speaking, it really is helpful to spread the workload out over more time.  I like to shop from June on–mostly picking up things that present themselves to me for people on my list.  If you keep your list in mind, you can get a fair amount of shopping done this way!⏳
  2. Shop online. When my kids were little, I would stay up an hour or two after they went to bed and shop.  In their excitement they never noticed all the packages arriving and I didn’t have to spend time in holiday traffic! 🙂
  3. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself to create a “perfect” holiday. I read an article recently about a mom who was feeling pressured, and she decided to ask her young children for input. What did they want for Christmas dinner? Turned out they wanted one of their regular meals. I forget the rest of the things she asked them about, but she realized that, for her family at least, the celebrations did not need to be elaborate.
  4. Limit your extra activities. There are so many fun things to do as well as charitable ones. Decide what all you can reasonably  do and be happy with that. 💗
  5. Take time to stop and “smell the roses”…or the Christmas tree ? You get the idea 🙂 Why decorate if you don’t take time to enjoy the twinkling lights? Writing Christmas cards is a perfect time to reflect on the year past as well as memories shared with those you’re writing to ? Baking cookies? Enjoy a nice warm one yourself. Wrapping gifts? Practice a little gratitude as you handle the gift and notice all the fun images and colors in the wrapping paper.  The possibilities are endless!

I hope you find these ideas useful.  Nothing really new, here, of course, but a timely reminder ? And please visit the site extras/ free stuff page on this site and get some nice stocking stuffers. Or (new in 2020) consider giving the gift of happiness —a 30 Day Mini course. Message me if you want it for someone other than yourself .  I can set it up.  Maybe I can help you decrease your shopping just a little ✌️

Happy holidays!  Also visit My Etsy Store for some of your online shopping 🙂

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