This Supercut of 300 Dancing Scenes From Movies is the Perfect Mood Booster

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This supercut of 300 dancing scenes is my Wonderful World Wednesday post–being made on Thursday 😛 I am still a day behind! Just getting used to this new plan of posting! Anyway, as the title suggests, it’s a fun mood booster to brighten your day 🙂


The internet can be a pretty bleak place. From the 24-hour news cycle to online arguments, it can be daunting to find some positivity online. But if you’re in need of some eye bleach after a rough day, here’s some wholesome content for you.

Someone edited the dancing scenes from almost 300 movies together into a cheerful seven minute montage of partying. You can watch Shrek jam back to back with Mary Poppins, to the tune of “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” and “99 Red Balloons.”

From My Fair Lady to The Lord of the Rings, there are hundreds of happy moments in this montage — even if they’re from darker movies. Check out the full list of movies included in this edit hereRead more…

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