The Power of Living in the Now

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The Power of Living in the Now

The Power of Now is a best-selling book by Eckhart Tolle. Living in the now may sound like a mumbo jumbo concept meant for those who live a life of ease and who have time to do nothing. 🙂 In truth, it’s a powerful concept any one can use to live their best life. An Important tool in your how to be happy toolbox.  We are, after all, human beings, not human doings.

And yet many of us are constantly chasing after what we believe to be ‘success’. But success is not an objective truth- it’s really whatever we decide it is for us. A lot of people might say that veterinarians, doctors or lawyers are successful. But if they are unhappy? Stressed out? What then?

A lot of us feel compelled to constantly be doing something. This compulsion leaves little time for relaxation, de-stressing, or self-development. Even worse, it can make us feel stuck, as if we can’t change because we have no time. 😛 We might also worry that the whole world we have created for ourselves will fall apart if we stop all the doing.

There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called Yesterday and the other is called Tomorrow. Today is the right day to Love, Believe, Do and mostly Live.

Dalai Lama

In this post (and ones to follow) you will discover the power of living in the now and how it can help you achieve personal transformation. One of the main reasons we fail to live fully in the present and sacrifice our personal power is that we make the mistake of living in the past.

Let Go of the Past

Many of us think we are living in the present –I mean, it seems obvious, doesn’t it? 😛 But the truth is that mentally, in our minds, we are often living from past experiences and habits or patterns rather than in the present moment. Many of us are given a particular role in the family we grew up in– such as the ‘good son’ or ‘little lady.’

Our ideas, too, are shaped by societal norms . One example is about what color clothes boys and girls should wear. Boys get blue, girls get pink. We are not encouraged to question these norms, or to consider that they are relative to our place and time.

Sometimes our issues are based more on a traumatic event–a death or a bad break-up, for example. These events can cause us to ‘freeze’ in that moment and have trouble moving on, or changing. Maybe an argument leads you to hold a grudge and not speak to someone for years–even if you’ve forgotten at some point what the argument was about!

Maybe you’ve heard someone say, “I’m a depressed person because X happened to me when I was 12.” That might be a good explanation when you’re 12, but when you’re 50, it sounds pretty lame, doesn’t it? 😛

So we grow up and adopt a lot of ideas and patterns of behavior that may or may not serve us well. A lot of us end up as adults who have things they’d like to change about themselves. But change can be scary too. We may stay stuck in order to avoid conflict.

Living in the present allows you to create a new identity by releasing the pain and the self-limiting thoughts from the past, and taking things one day at a time.  THAT’s the power of living in the now!

The mere activity of being present in each moment vs running on “automatic” which tends to be based on our past habits and programming is simple, in theory. But it takes practice to have it be a consistent state of mind. Mindfulness is a helpful method for implementing living in the now. It has also been shown to be helpful in alleviating stress and anxiety. The video below is a good intro and mini-practice to give it a try!

Next post, I will discuss how we tend to live in the future (sounds magical, but it’s not 😛 )

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Remember–It’s your life…make it delicious!

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