A Blessing in Disguise


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A blessing in disguise? It’s been tough lately, hearing the news of police violence against black men.  And then the retaliation attacks in Dallas. But in the days following, I have seen so many stories of people seeking change and peace rather than condemnation and revenge.  From individuals initiating conversations, to protesting groups coming together, to cities making a stand…it’s heartening to see.  And it reminded me of the old saying about bad things sometimes being a “blessing in disguise.” It doesn’t change the bad thing that happened, but when good things arise from the sad event…there is a blessing there.  here are links to just a few of the stories I saw:

Photo of Citizens Guarding the Police Brings Needed Hope

One Dallas

Free Hugs

Pancho and Lefty

There have been many more I have read about. Many individual cops, and individual citizens have started approaching each other to talk about things. That’s something any of us can do–but it requires a bit of courage!

So appreciate the love and understanding that is being shown by the majority of police and people, and carry on shining your light where you live!

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