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30 Days Challenge Testimonials

This is a positivity packed program!

i was just clearing out my emails and thought how much I missed my little daily happiness booster. Every single day had a very spot on point to ponder and then to practice in real life. My advice for anyone taking this program would be to concentrate on each day’s information and then do the same for each day thereafter. When you finish all 30 days go back and start on day 1 again. But, this time give yourself at least one week, or more, think about it, write about it, practice it and watch your progress. You WILL BE HAPPIER if you let yourself seriously absorb and utilize all the techniques!



Site Testimonials

Real life isn’t like a movie, and there aren’t always happy endings, but this site shows that life can be as uplifting as any feel-good story!

“I appreciate the good news! This site is a much needed balance to the hysteria of the media. Keep it up, please.” 

Lorna Levy TheLawofAttractionTeacher.com


Your post on New Thought the Law of Attraction is a very powerful  blog.  It opens the channel to “think. outside the box.”
In his book, “Power  Through Constructive Thinking,”  Emmet Fox said, “Remember, you belong to the thing with which you are linked in thought, and at some time or other, if the tie endures, the object of your thought will be drawn into your life.”
Thank you for the inspiration you share here!


I absolutely love this website! The news on TV is all doom and gloom! I am very aware bad stuff goes on but the world is also a beautiful and full of wonderful people. You have become my weekly treat with a cuppa at your cafe! Inspirational and loads of positive info…. I am spreading the good news with my friends!!  🙂



Daily Access to Good News

I once told my kids we need a good news channel instead of always focusing on the negative. Years later my daughter was traveling and brought me The Good News paper. Now there’s easy daily access with The Good News Cafe. I think it’s important to have balance in life, including the knowledge that good things really are happening all around the world. Thanks for providing that platform that restores hope in humanity and this world.

Jane Warren, Victoria, BC


“Your weekly inspirational quotes often bring a smile or an encouragement to my day. In this world where many are absorbed by the never ending list of tasks to do, it is refreshing to receive a message whose sole purpose is to inspire. Thank you for your generosity of spirit and commitment to the cause of uplifting others. May God bless you as you continue to reach out.” AK 


“It’s nice to hear positive things from someone as opposed to the gloom and doom that seems to permeate our news. There truly is “good news” in our world.”



“Wow, thank you for sharing all these good stories. I was feeling rather low but feel better now after reading articles in your website. Great work!”



“I really enjoy this website. It’s always nice to see the bright side of things!”  



“This is a nice website to go to. The positive information is something that is needed in a world which mostly focuses on the negative side of things!”


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