Best Spring Cleaning Tips

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Amidst all the drama of the current pandemic, it’s easy to lose track of the fact that it’s spring which means it’s time for spring cleaning and spring cleaning tips! If you have kids home from school, you have at-the-ready helpers! 😉 And it can count as school credit in home-ec…seriously, everyone should know how to clean and maintain their home!

Start with Decluttering

If you’re like the rest of us, you will likely have to start with the clutter before you can do much actual cleaning. 😛 My mom used to laugh when I’d say I had to clean up for the cleaning lady, but it’s hard to dust something that’s covered in junk! 🙂

Clutter can even make you feel stressed and anxious–and who needs more stress and anxiety right now, right?! Do yourself a favor, and make your surroundings a more peaceful place to hang around!

Clutter can take many forms: mail and magazines that get piled up; toys your kids
leave lying around or ones they no longer play with; random items strewn about that just never got put away.

Clutter can be less obvious too–check your closets and dressers. Is it hard to close the drawers because they are too stuffed? Are there clothes that you’re no longer wearing? Time to do some clearing out! Depending on your space and how many clothes you have, you may want to swap out seasonal clothes, storing winter items in plastic under bed bins.

So, as you tackle each room, the first step is declutter. You’ll enjoy the liberating feel of clear counters and floors and drawers!

Don’t try to deep clean the whole house (or maybe even the room) in one day.

Your cleaning goals should be achievable, and so will depend on the specifics of the current state of affairs in your house. 🙂 Maybe a good goal will be cleaning a room each day. Or maybe you will have to break the goal down into one day for decluttering, one day for cleaning. Heck, it might even require more than one day for either task.

Before you dig in, do a walk-through of your house to get an idea of what’s needed. Then you can make a tentative plan of action. You can also determine which big tasks–like dusting tops of cabinets, for example-need to be annual vs every other year. Get a blank notebook and keep track of the big cleaning tasks and the date they were last done.

Force of Nature

Start at the top

As you start cleaning, go through things from top to bottom. Get rid of the cobwebs at the top of the ceiling and wipe down the moulding if you have it. Dust of the tops of things like cabinets and refrigerators. Dust and or clean ceiling fans and air vents. Clean the windows and clean or dust off the walls. Next, dust and clean your furniture–pay attention to the underside of things that normally don’t get attention. Wipe down baseboards and blinds, remove and wash curtains. Lastly, vacuum carpets or sweep and mop hard floors.

The idea of the top to bottom approach, of course, is to move the dirt and debris in a particular direction, and to avoid messing up a just-cleaned area! This might not occur to you, if you are new to deep cleaning. 🙂 And no one enjoys having to do the same cleaning task twice in a day.

Safeguard your health

When I was a kid, no one was concerned about eco-friendly cleaners, although we did use some just because they were readily available–things like vinegar and water. Today, there is no shortage of such cleaners.

The nice thing is, not only are they better for the environment, but they are better for your health too. Some cleaners can cause problems for people who have allergies or breathing problems. There are
many effective cleaners for everyone out there – so be sure to read labels and don’t use
anything too harsh if you’re sensitive to chemicals.

If you’re interested, use the contact form to contact me–I am a distributor for a company that produces a lot of plant-based cleaners that are effective and safe, and would love to share info with you. 🙂 You can also earn some extra cash by telling people about your favorite products…a win-win situation.

Happy Cleaning! Stay safe!

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