Set SMART Goals

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Improve Your Life: Tip #5 Set SMART Goals

Want to accomplish your goals? Set SMART Goals!

Having goals is similar to finding your life purpose. It’s more related to the actionable parts that make up your purpose. I have to be honest. I have never been an organized goal setter 🙂 I have had things I wanted to do and gotten them done. But, I have also been overwhelmed by a big goal and not really taken steps to move towards it.

I am not alone in that. Many people just move through their days with no sense of purpose.  Having a goal gives you a purpose for getting up in the morning. It gives you a focus for the day and another opportunity of working toward your goal. And what do you do when you reach your goal? Set a new one!

Goals do not have to be about “achievements” per se. Personal growth goals are so valuable and intrinsically rewarding.

In setting goals, there is a formula that makes them easier to track progress–which is very useful!

Just make sure your goal is SMART:

  • Specific – State your end goal in or what it is that you want to accomplish.
  • Measurable – How are you going to gauge whether or not you are making progress?
  • Attainable – Are there things that could get in your way and prevent you from reaching your goal? Do you need a new skill to achieve your goal? Big goals often have pre-requisites 🙂
  • Relevant –Does your goal fit in with your general life plan? Certainly not everything we do in life needs to be practical. Maybe you want to learn to juggle, and the sole reason is because it looks fun.  As long as it doesn’t keep you from, say, your studies, go for it!
  • Time-bound – Set a timetable with an ending date when you plan on being at your end goal. Set smaller mini-goals or checkpoints in between so you can track progress. For example if you want to read more, you might set a goal of reading 12 books in 6 months. Which, of course, averages out to 2 books a month. Celebrate each accomplishment with a reward, if you want. Just make sure the reward does not sabotage the goal.

Create your own template or use this free one I found (I am sure there are others).

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