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Serving up some good news will present information morsels in a variety of “flavors” ?  Upbeat things happening in the world, information about health and hobbies and prosperity and any number of things that contribute to the idea that Life is Good!

Time for a taste of how to be amazing. Feeling confident and pleased with yourself certainly makes life more enjoyable. This blog post by Erica Witsell is a enjoyable look at how our ideas about ourselves and how we “rank” in the world vary–even within the same family! Here’s a little excerpt:

Six years later, Sylvia has never stopped loving her own reflection. She often goes to our room to study herself in the full-length mirror there.

“Clayton and Dee Dee think I’m vain when I look in the mirror,” she explained to me seriously a few weeks ago. “But I’m not. I’m just excited.

Her words elated me. Because isn’t this what we all want for our daughters? For them to look in the mirror and feel good— excited, even— about what they see? That person she sees in the mirror? Sylvia’s in there! How cool is that?

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I Want To Be Amazing

I found this sentence thought provoking:

When it comes to my own life, though, I have been much more hesitant to accept that the inverse can also be true: that the ordinary can be amazing.

In my own life, the opposite is true 🙂 I have never felt compelled to do “big” things–in education or work or hobbies. I have a bachelor’s degree and no desire for further degrees. I enjoy my “work” from home although it comes with no prestige. I have done a lot of fun things–rock-climbing,  rafting, camping, rappelling etc…but I find I am just as happy NOT doing those things. I enjoy travel, but am happy at home. And so it goes 🙂
Certainly doing can be fun, but so can not doing. I am quite happy with no achievements in my quiet, ordinary life.  Amazing things are all around, and largely perspective-related for me.
Later, Erica says:
I think, for me, the answer is in both of my children. From Clayton, that the pursuit of our dreams is vitalizing and worthwhile, regardless of the outcome. From Sylvia, that it’s okay to love yourself for exactly who you are.
That sounds like wisdom to me 🙂  Pursue your dreams –whether they are big and ambitious or personal and private. And all the while, know you are amazing just because ❤





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