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Serendipity is one those fun life experiences that reinforces the idea that life is good. There was a story shared in a group that I am in on Facebook, that made me chuckle with understanding. It was also a neat story of serendipity–or that’s how it struck me 🙂 It’s important to note that Karen (the woman that shared the story) was open to the idea of being guided. I love it. ?

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I hope you enjoy this as I did. Posted with permission 🙂

**Long Post Alert** Disclaimer – This post is mostly for entertainment purposes and not representative of my mental stability.

A couple of weeks ago I set out on a scanning expedition. I’m not going to lie. I didn’t feel like it. I mean really didn’t feel like it. Sometimes we must adult whether it is a job for an external employer or our own business. I walked in the store and started scanning things.

None of them worked out. My internal monologue was something like “I should have stayed home. This is not a good use of time. This might not be for me.”

I looked over my shoulder to an adjacent aisle and saw a high shelf full of dolls. They were all the same brand but several different styles. Some red heads, some blondes, some dark skinned, etc. As I scanned each one and waited patiently as the red “restricted” bar slowly rendered across the picture, I kept hearing one of the training vids saying “Scan everything. Even different types of the same item.”

Dutifully, I continued through each type of this product. Then, I saw her. Crammed far back on the shelf, the little brunette doll. Same maker, same everything as the (what seemed like) 4 million dolls I already scanned.

This one was different though.

No red “restricted” bar to mock me and dash my hopes of finding a sellable item. Little Brunette Doll (LBD) was unrestricted, met the 12 criteria and was selling for over 4 times the in-store price.

She even looked like she could be my kid if I were to birth a plastic child. I placed LBD in my cart (in the child seat of course) with a new-found sense of being in the right place at the right time.

I finished that aisle, found a few more items, and it was time to move on to another part of the store. But where? I had been stuck in the toy aisle for my entire 2-week career as a seller.

I didn’t know what to do.

I looked down at LBD happily standing in her clear plastic tube of protection, and she fell over in the baby seat. Just slid down sideways as if she was trying to point me in a direction.

I thought “OK LBD, you think I need to go over there?”

Surprisingly, she didn’t answer. I did it anyway.

Uncharted store territory. I began scanning there and found item after item that I could sell and would sell for a profit worth the effort.

Two hours in, with a loaded cart, and LBD in a full, upright, and locked position, it was time to head home. LBD rode shot gun.

I prepared my shipment, and LBD and all the other purchases were off to The River. The warehouse gods were kind this day, and the items were all available to customers about 36 hours after they left my house.

LBD was sold about 2 days later and all the other items went quickly too. I imagine by now LBD has been liberated from her plastic palace, had her ringlet curls brushed straight, and has likely lost a shoe.

The meaning behind this whole diatribe is don’t give up, don’t be discouraged, find your LBD and get on with it. If I ever see another LBD, I may just keep her for myself next time.

So, did you smile? 🙂 The story has several lessons for us: perseverance, finding treasure, the value of humor. It also reminds me a bit of my recent post about Love-Intelligence.

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