To Send or Not to Send: The Christmas Card Debate

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It’s windy and cold out, and I am trying to get a few Christmas cards written. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother–each year I seem to receive less and less in return.  Even my own siblings don’t always respond! 🙂

I considered giving them up.  And indeed, I do understand why people don’t send them like they used to. When I was growing up, I remember my mom sitting and writing (by hand) nice little letters in each card. I also remember her enjoying reading the news sent to her in the cards she received. Sure there were cards from local friends as well, but the most enjoyment was in catching up with friends and family far away.

Fast-forward to today when most of us are in touch with loved ones and acquaintances on Facebook or frequently texting people all over the country, skyping with those in other continents…it’s become so easy to stay in touch that the need to “catch up” once a year is much less alluring than it once was.

Still, I find myself drawn to send the cards. I no longer try to get the perfect picture of my kids to share–so that, at least, is easier 🙂 But I send cards because it’s fun for me.  I like taking a moment to send a little Christmas cheer to someone even if I did just see them on Facebook and know exactly what’s going on with them.  I enjoy the colorful images and funny and/or cute sentiments the cards contain. I enjoy the same when I receive them–even if it IS from the vet or the power company 😛  I also enjoy putting the cards on display in my card holder.  Sure I could NOT do it, but I relish the traditional aspect of it…the memories it revives.  And to date, there ARE still a few people for whom it remains an annual connection and communication–which is also fun.

To send or not to send. That is the question. Both actions have reasonable rationales. It’s a personal decision, to be sure. If you do send cards, do so for the pleasure it brings you without any expectations. It’s just not something people seem to do like they used to.

I will close by sharing a small gift of a “placard” we made of our sweet old Rufus quite a few years back that has my favorite Christmas Quote ?  May your days be merry and bright! Merry Christmas (and happy celebrating whatever you celebrate)!

santa dog quote


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