WELCOME To Your Self Care System

A Step By Step Guide To Looking
After Yourself and Feeling Great!

Congratulations on making a great decision to invest in yourself and this Self Care System!

First things first.

Below you’ll see the modules with a description for each one.

Have a read through these first.

Then underneath the Modules I’ve put a plan together for you to get the MOST out of The Self Care System.

I HIGHLY recommend you follow this exactly to begin with, then after time you can make any adjustments to fit your specific situation.

The Self Care System works and has helped people just like you start to feel better, more positive and live a happier life.

Make a promise to yourself to take better care of yourself and live a happier, fuller life today!

Module 1: 7 Day Of Self-Care - A Mini-Challenge

This module has two goals: to educate you and to get you started on your own self-care journey. Many of us have not really given self-care much thought, and most assuredly most of us don’t practice it as much as we should. This mini challenge consists of reading the information presented and taking one small action per day for 7 days to get the ball rolling.

Module 2: Self-Care Meditation

A key component of self-care that you will have noted in Module 1 is that of time alone, quiet moments, breathing techniques. These are all similar to ,or actual methods of, meditation. This module goes a bit deeper into meditation benefits and styles to allow you to build on the simpler methods learned in Module 1. Meditation is a time-tested practice that is a wonderful part of taking care of yourself.

Module 3: The Daily Affirmation Handbook

Most people have heard of affirmations, but if you have not, affirmations are essentially a positive form of self-talk. The basic idea behind their use is that if you will commit to a practice of affirming the good that you desire, you will influence your beliefs and subconscious mind and help bring about the changes you desire. This module includes a bit of information and explanation about how to use affirmations effectively. You then have 365 affirmations to choose from to make use of–affirmations for various aspects of your life.

Your Guide To The Self Care System

So the plan of action is this:

Go through the 7 day mini-challenge.

This will get you thinking about what you might want as part of your personal self-care practice and will gently nudge you to make a plan and get started.

Then as you continue with the things you adopted as yours to enjoy, use some of that “me” time to read The Miracle of Meditation and decide if you want to delve deeper into that.

The “quiet moments” suggested in Module 1 are great and may be all you want.

Whenever you are ready–whether that be right away or down the road–this source of information about meditation will be ready to assist you in getting started on this age-old practice. 🙂

Lastly, you can consider the affirmations module.

People use affirmations in all sorts of ways.

As a self-care tool, they are encouraging, and inspiring and ideally help you feel connected to goodness and positivity.

And most importantly, make that promise to yore self to use the Self Care System and start to make time to look after the most important person here … YOU!

If you have any problems please don’t hesitate to contact me using the Contact Form Here.

To your happiness.