A Dog’s Life ebook


  • Fun gag book for dog lovers
  • Use as a journal or photo album
  • 10% of purchase is donated to animal charities


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A Dog’s Life ebook: A leading expert offers insights into the inner workings of your dog’s mind

I created this ebook for fun…and to share that sense of fun with others (for a very small price :)) If you prefer a paperback, visit amazon.com. I created my own ebook version for this web-site to make it very inexpensive –just $1 (it is a gag book, after all)! I think A Dog’s Life would make a cute gift for any dog lover and a fine gift for yourself. Each page has a photo–mostly of Rufus, the author- with a “thought,” but the rest of the page is blank.  Fill it with pictures of your favorite pooch, or use it as a journal.

(Please note–Amazon still carries the original version of this book which isn’t as nice–no color pictures etc…be sure the book you see was published in 2011.  You can also search with this ID # 1463505779.  The link should bring you to the correct version.  Still the ebook is the cheapest route, and easy enough to bind creatively  🙂 )