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A positive living hack or tip provides an easy ways to do good things in your day to day life. Life can get really busy and some days we might feel overwhelmed with the need to help make the world a better place and also get groceries!

Here’s something I recently found that might inspire you.

Positive living hack for today

My kids like to drink sweet iced tea –we are southerners, after all 🙂  So one day while shopping, I saw this sugar product:

I decided to see if they liked it in their tea. I liked how it was grown and produced–sounded very ecologically sound! Alas, they did not especially like how it changed the tea flavor. So we tried using a mix of coconut sugar/regular sugar (one teaspoon of coconut sugar with 2 teaspoons of regular sugar per 16 oz glass of tea)…and that worked!

I realize this hack is a “small” one 🙂 However, it demonstrates a good principle to embrace: Change does not have to be all or none. Small things, over time, can have big results.  Consider that we are using 1/3 less refined sugar in our tea, buying 1/3 less sugar produced perhaps less sustainably…and, we still like the taste of our tea! 🙂

What small change can you make today?

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