Positive Living “Hack” : Those D*@%n Plastic Rings!


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Positive Living Hack for Today

positive-living-hack-cutting-plastic-ringsWe have all heard stories of animals getting stuck in trash or debris.  One of the worst offenders is the plastic rings from sodas or beer. Where I live these rings are recyclable.  Still, I decided that it’d be a good thing to take extra precautions.  Maybe because on more than one occasion, I have found debris from the recycling bin on the street 😛  So now, before I toss them in the recycling, I snip the rings so that no sweet little critter can get trapped 🙂

First option, reduce: Maybe avoid buying drinks with the rings.

Second option, reuse: I can’t think of anything to use these for, can you? If so, please share!

Third option, recycle: Recycle if you can; but whether you recycle it or throw it away, cut it first!

There has been a promising development with plastic rings:

A brewery invented ‘edible six-pack rings’ to save ocean animals

Nina Godlewski, Tech Insider

“There may be a solution to cutting up those plastic six-pack holders that come around your beer or soda cans… The new holders, on the other hand, are made from the byproducts of the beer making process, mostly barley and wheat remnants from the brewing process, which Saltwater Brewery says is safe for the animals, birds, and reptiles to ingest.  Not only are they edible so if an animal gets stuck it can eat its way free, but it also offers a new source of food for the marine wildlife as well.” 

Click Here  to read the complete story.

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