“In This World Where We Live There Should Be More Happiness…”

With Everything That’s Going On In The World At The Moment You CAN Make A Decision On How to Focus Your Energies And CHOOSE To Live A Happy Life

This is not a case of ignoring reality, it is a case
of YOU making a decision to be HAPPY!

Just imagine…

Instead of consuming a daily dose of negative news, social media posts or talk and gossip from the world around you,

You can have your very own SECRET store of inspiration and happiness.

Did you know…

It’s a proven fact that watching, listening and digesting a constant stream of news (from any media) has a negative effect on your brain chemistry (Sources: Time/Mclean Hospital/Very Well Mind).

And even more so in a world ravaged by a pandemic, destructive politics and divisive positions!

We can’t change these things individually BUT we can make a change within US that will help us as individuals which in turn radiates positively to the world around us.

Are you ready? Do you want to be part of that (positive) change?

That’s What My Mission Here Is At "A Cupful of Happy"

We will help you understand that your own happiness is a state of mind that YOU can control (with a little help and support along the way).

We know that Happiness is different for each person and even more so, we know that Happiness is variable.

You won’t find a “Pollyanna” attitude to Happiness here BUT…

…you will find help, support and PRACTICAL ways to help control your own state of mind, so your Happiness is not just an accident or fleeting moment.

And we do that with you through our unique and personal program…


Your Personal Oasis of Happiness

To help you counter the constant negative news in the world, a membership to A Cupful Of Happy Newsletter provides several benefits to help you lead a Happier Life including…

Member Benefit #1 - Special Member Only Emails

I know there seems to be an ever-increasing number of emails in our inboxes these days. HOWEVER, have you ever looked at the type of emails you receive?

Emails about the latest “bad” news, products to buy, junk emails we never asked to receive and more that just add to the clutter and noise in our lives.

Your Cupful Of Happy Newsletter emails are designed for ONE purpose… to help YOU live your best life.

Three times a week your members only email will drop into your email inbox like a little ray of sunshine bringing Happiness into your life.

The emails will be a mix of inspiration/motivation, humor, uplifting news, information and tips to help you live a  Happier life daily.

I guarantee these special emails will brighten your day each time they arrive.

Value $4.99 /month

Member Benefit #2 - Cupful of Happy Newsletter

Twice a month you’ll receive a “secret” link to download your copy of the special members only PDF Newsletter.

You can read it on any device, or as many members do, print it off so you can grab your favorite drink, settle down and read it at your leisure.

The Newsletter is your secret resource and guide that will help you live a Happier life and will enable you to withstand all the negativity that seems to try and pull you down every day.

Its SOLE purpose is to be a guiding light on your consistent journey of self-improvement. Unlike many self-improvement movements,  the emphasis won’t be about your flaws. In fact it will be the opposite…

…the Newsletter is based on a positive view  of personal power and gives practical  steps you can use to be Happier in your life… which in turn leads to greater fulfillment every day.

The Newsletter may well become your “secret” resource  that you can turn to for inspiration if you ever feel down. Like a good friend available with helpful advice.

Value $14.99 /month

Member Benefit #3 - Newsletter In MP3 Audio

As a Member of A Cupful of Happy you’ll receive an AUDIO MP3 version of the Monthly Newsletter each month alongside your PDF version.

This will enable you to download the audio to your phone or audio device so you can listen to all the great content in the Newsletter when you’re on the move, relaxing in the garden or even out and about in the car!

Value $9.99 /month


Member Benefit #4 - Special Happiness Guide

Once a month you’ll be sent a special valuable guide that delves deeper into a Happiness topic; topics that really help you explore and understand how to live a Happier Fulfilled life.

Many members print these off and save them in a ringed binder so they can refer back to them on a regular basis or when they want some direct help and inspiration.

An audio of the guide is also provided, as with the newsletter.

Value $29.99/month

Member Benefit #5 - Stress Relieving Coloring Page

Coloring has been shown to be an effective way to relax and relieve stress.

Plus it’s fun!

One way to make use of this would be to create a folder entitled A Cupful of Happy Coloring Pages.

Then when the need arises or the mood hits, download and print up a page and settle in with your crayons or colored pencils.

Maybe put on some relaxing music and lose yourself for a time as you let the world revolve on its own and you enjoy the time just for you.

Value $1.99

That’s a total monthly value of $61.95

Individually each of these member benefits can help you live a Happier more Fulfilled life.  Together, they act as your PERSONAL Happiness Mentor guiding you each day, week, and month throughout the year.

As a member of A Cupful of Happy your benefits ensure that the negativity of the world is kept at bay. And if it does start to seep in, you have everything you need to turn away from it, turn within, and CHOOSE to live your Happier life.

Become A Member Today And You’ll Receive A
Special Edition Gift.

Bonus #1 Positive Living Card Deck

To augment your efforts to embrace happier and healthier living, and as our way of saying thanks for joining, you will receive a downloadable card deck of over 200 quotes, affirmations and sayings covering abundance, gratitude, health, love and more!

You will also get instructions on how to print them up at home, or you can take the file to a local print shop for a more professional result. (Value $24.95)

Bonus #2 Membership Bookmark & Mug

If you decide to take the discount and sign up for the annual subscription, we’ll send you, in the mail, the Cupful of Happy special edition bookmark upon joining. It’s only available to members (Value $5)

Additionally, we’ll send you a Cupful Of Happy Limited Edition Mug. (Value $20).

What Price For Happiness?

Happiness is priceless. But, tools to achieve happiness are not 🙂.

Don’t worry though.  I think you will be pleased with just how affordable this is!

The members of the Cupful Of Happy Newsletter love how our information  supports them in finding their own route to Happiness. Our  membership fee–when you consider all the information  and tools we send out – is very low-not much more than a Specialty Coffee from the local coffee shop.

PLUS, within our membership fee is a contribution that goes to charities to help support people who have less than us AND who may not have the support in place to help them lead happy lives. So your self-care, quite literally in this case, will contribute to caring for others.

To become a Member of the Cupful Of Happy Newsletter is just $9.95 per month (and you can cancel at any time – we want you to be very Happy with your membership).

If you choose the annual discount option, you’ll pay a one time payment of just $89.55 (Please note there is no refund with the annual membership due to the extra bonuses you receive).

And, as just described,  we donate 10% to good causes each and EVERY month.  A classic win-win!💗

You’ll see the details of these donations and how they help others find Happiness in the Newsletter.

We also ask for recommendation of places we can donate to from our members. We believe that as a community our Happiness is augmented as we give back to the world and those around us (I look forward to receiving your recommendation in the future?).

Happiness Guarantee

It’s our mission to help people just like you live a Happier Life and find a way to rise above all the negativity in the world today.

However, if for ANY reason you feel that A Cupful Of Happy isn’t for you, then within 30 days of joining, simply email and let us know, and we’ll refund your $9.95 immediately –no questions asked. You can keep the card deck bonus as a gift for trying us out. 

Please note that we cannot offer the refund on the annual membership because of the extra physical bonus gifts you will have received.

Remember, after the 30 days as a monthly member you can cancel at any time. We’ll stop your membership immediately and you won’t be charged any further…guaranteed.

Dalai Lama Quote

Sometimes we don’t know where to start, or just need a little help to started towards our own Happiness.

As you and I don’t have the Dalai Lama on speed dial as our personal guide to help us…

A Cupful Of Happy will be your very own guide to help you with the right actions, right information and at the right time to help you create and live your own version of Happiness.

Happiness Is About You Discovering The
Joy Of Happiness That Is Perfect For You

A Cupful Of Happy is your Guide, Support and Cheerleader on your path to greater Happiness in your life.

We’re here to show you how to keep out the negative forces that try and bring us down each day and…

…  to guide you, and be there for you each day as you discover your own path to Happiness safe in the knowledge that the path you’re on is right for you.

Click the button below to join us today and have immediate access to the current Newsletter, special report and  the special Happiness joining bonuses.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside and helping you find the Happiness in your life that you DO deserve.

Lots of love


P.S. Remember, as a monthly member you get a full 30 days to try us out and receive the monthly membership bonuses. Then if you feel that a Cupful Of Happy isn’t right for you simply let me know within 30 days, We’ll cancel your membership immediately and refund you your first months members PLUS you can keep the monthly member bonuses you have received.

P.P.S. If you choose the annual discount option, you’ll pay just $89.55 which is the same as getting twelve months for the price of nine! Please understand that there are no refunds with the annual option. This is because of the costs of creating and shipping the physical bonuses (the mug and bookmark).

I look forward to welcoming you into the Cupful Of Happy Community and joining you on your journey to living a happier and more fulfilling life.