Motivational Blocks

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Motivational Blocks To Consider

Meh.  You’ve felt that way before I imagine? Almost everyone, no matter how successful they are, has likely felt that way about putting forth effort towards something. Motivational blocks are all too common, but must be overcome if we are to reach our goals.  Recognizing motivational blocks that you’re experiencing is the first step in overcoming them.


  • Outcomes or Purpose? – When you work on a project are you the type of person who thinks about the results of said project, or do you need to understand the purpose or the reason you’re doing it? Knowing your tendency is important so that you can adjust your focus to increase motivation. For example, if you must do a project where you don’t understand the purpose (and you are purpose-driven),  you can make delivering results the purpose and support that with your thoughts.


  • Can or Can’t: You’re Right – Do you see on obstacles as a sign that you cannot do “it,” whatever “it” is?  Focusing on “can’t” makes success improbable. It’s like that saying — “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” Switching attention to solutions to obstacles (on “can”) is a sure path to success. Sometimes progress is erratic– you take two steps forward and then one step back. Just keep in mind that that is still progress! 🙂


  • Leader or Follower? – Neither one is right or wrong, but it’s helpful to know which you are. Knowing your style, you can, hopefully, arrange the support that suits you best when working with others. You don’t need to everything and be everything to be successful. Such an environment boosts motivation.


  • How Do You View the World? – Some people view the world through rose-colored glasses and see people as wonderful, interesting, and fun. Others see the world as a dangerous place, full of people who are out to hurt them. The truth is somewhere in the middle, but successful people tend to focus on the good in the world, and don’t allow negative forces to slow them down.


  • Fear of Change – Many people are change adverse.  And it’s understandable–change can be hard and feel like a loss. For example, if you need to lose weight, the changes you have to make to your diet might seem undesirable and diminish your pleasure of eating. But much of the time, change also brings new and good things 🙂 As in the weight loss example. Seek to be open to change.


  • Fear of Failure – Such a fear can be so strong that it paralyzes you and keeps you from trying something new.  Your mind reasons that if you don’t try, you won’t risk feeling bad about yourself if you fail. But if you do it and fail, you’ll feel rotten 😛 Fear of failure is just a trick. Each us us will experience both success and failure in life. Worse than experiencing failure, is feeling regret for not trying. That makes you suffer the most. To quote a famous logo: Just do it. 🙂


  • Lack of Follow-Through – Sometimes you are motivated enough to start something, but things just fizzle. To overcome this issue, it can be helpful to make time each day to think about your “why”–why do you want to accomplish your goal. You might consider working with a coach or finding an accountability partner to help you stay the course.


  • Not Enough Perceived Support – Often, if you’re the type of person who is motivated by other people you might let the lack of support around you block your path to success. If you don’t feel supported by your boss, your spouse, your friends or the world, it may be difficult to move forward. However, it’s important to remember that most of the time lack of support is perception and not reality. It’s important to learn to look within more than without for support–self-love is vital.


Work your way through motivation blocks, one at a time, to avoid overwhelm. Step by step, you will get there. Some actions and reactions to situations and stress are subconscious.  Learn your personal tendencies and look at the potential blocks and how to overcome them. Understanding yourself better will help you to overcome the hurdles or blocks more quickly. You can do this!

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