Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas, 2016!

Ah, Christmas time. What a nice time of year 🙂  The days of unbridled excitement about Santa’s arrival are long gone for us—what a magical time that was! But these days Christmas is still a wonderful time.  I enjoy decorating and seeing all the twinkling lights–at my own house and out and about.  The songs bring back memories and capture the sentiment of this time of year perfectly. Exchanging Christmas cards–while largely declining thanks to social media–is still a nice tradition that I enjoy–and I like seeing them on display–so pretty and colorful!

rockerfeller-christmas-treeI’m not much into baking–and now that the kids are grown we don’t do the sugar cookies.  But we still enjoy holiday treats and candies and easy-to-bake cookies.

The best thing about Christmas to me is the giving.  I enjoy thinking of what my friends and family might want as well as coming up with ways to give to those in need. Of course, like Scrooge in the Christmas Carol, I endeavor to honor Christmas every day of the year…but appreciate a holiday that emphasizes generosity 🙂

May this holiday season (whatever you celebrate or don’t celebrate) be bright and full of blessings and goodness for you and yours! Enjoy the wonder and the glitter of this “most wonderful time of the year!”

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