Tips to Enjoying Your Life: Lucky 13


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I’d like to share a list of 13 tips to enjoying your life.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by life and unhappy as a result?

My guess is everyone has felt this way at one point or another. In those moments it can be helpful to have some reminders of things we can do, perspectives we can adopt that will help bring us back to a place where life is good 🙂 Here are a few tips to enjoying your life to keep in mind when you feel off balance and/or unhappy.

1. Believe In Something

Find something to stand for, to support.  Whether it’s a  general cause, a spiritual belief, a charity effort, or just a general opinion about how people should treat each other, having something you believe in gives meaning to your days.

2. Put Family/Loved Ones First

Some people define family as those related to them by blood or law, and others choose to believe that they can build their own family to include friends and those closest to them. Who you consider family doesn’t matter nearly as much as your actual relationship with them.  Love of family is a big “why” for most people–why do I desire success? Why do I want to have a prosperous life?

3. Do Not Let Your Job Define You

Who are you? What do you want to do with your life? The answers to these questions can define you in an intimate and meaningful way, and can help shape the decisions you make. Don’t let your career or the positions you hold be the only answers you have to give.

4. Look Up To Someone

Having a mentor can help you in so many ways. Having someone to turn to who has been where you are and who has already overcome the challenges you face is very valuable. Beyond that, having someone to look up to who you believe has reached the level of success or happiness that you wish to obtain is an excellent way to motivate yourself. Having someone to emulate can give you purpose.

5. Teach Someone

When you fill yourself with enough good things, they start to overflow. Be a mentor to someone who can benefit from your experiences and advice. You might just be surprised to find that you benefit as much as the person you are “helping.” Maybe you could even create an online course and turn teaching into extra income.

6. Stop & Smell The Roses

Take time to slow down and enjoy the things around you. Have a lazy Sunday from time to time. Make that coffee date with a friend fit into your busy schedule. A good life requires balance, and balance requires you to enjoy simple moments and pleasures.

7. Let Your Hair Down

Don’t be afraid to have some fun. We all have deadlines and responsibilities at home and at work. But don’t underestimate the healing powers of a vacation or a night out. Don’t undervalue the power of silliness and laughter. You were not born to simply work until you die.

8. Open Up

Be willing to bring your walls down and let people in. If someone doesn’t like you, respect it and move on. Find those that accept and appreciate you as you are and make connections.

9. It’s Okay To Mess Up

We all make mistakes, and you will make your fair share. Learn from them and do better next time. Do NOT beat yourself up!

10. You Can’t Know Everything

All knowledge is worth having, but it’s impossible to have it all. Be willing to accept that you won’t always have the answers.

11. Respect The People Around You

Everyone you meet has the right to basic human decency. Whether it’s the person who signs your paycheck or the person who cleans up your office after you’ve left for the day, everyone deserves your respect.

12. Be Full Of Gratitude

There are an infinite number of things for which to be grateful! Become aware of just a few of them daily and increase this over time. Practicing gratitude is a tried and true method of improving happiness.

13. Don’t Panic

Life is a roller coaster. It’s full of resounding victories and challenges alike. Remember to breathe, stay calm, and remind yourself that there has not been a day yet that you haven’t come through 🙂

So there you have it. A concise list of tips to enjoying your life. I hope you found it helpful and I encourage you explore any one suggestion in more depth!

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