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Love is loose in the world. What a beautiful phrase to consider around Valentine’s Day (or any day, really).

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is in the air–in commercials and advertisements, at least 🙂 Pretty much every year I make a post discussing the various types of love to be celebrated on Valentine’s Day…and this year is no different 🙂 While Valentine’s Day is typically concerned with romantic love, there are other types of love relationships that I like to celebrate. These other types contribute to most of our lives on a more regular basis than romantic love and are worth consideration on Valentine’s Day 🙂

One of the most important types of love, in my opinion anyway,  is the all-inclusive love spoken of in most religious texts. The “love one another” type of love. Someone once pointed out to me that we do not have to like people to love them. That was a big help to me as I sometimes struggled with the idea of loving people who held beliefs I disagreed with or who or I found uninteresting or annoying 😛

This type of love is not sentimental or conditional.  It’s essentially harboring goodwill for people in general. This generalized kind of love is a big contributor to individual and universal peace–again, just my opinion 🙂 It’s also similar to the love in which “we live and move and have our being,” or what many refer to as God–as in the song below by Peter Mayer (not the folk singer, but the Jimmy Buffet guitarist).

So as you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, be romantic, be loving to all those who matter to you–spouses, significant others, parents, siblings, children, pets…and be sure to do your part to notice and to let “love loose in the world.”  ❤️

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Peter Mayer’s song below

Through the wires it rips and rages
High above the farm and city griddle lines
Through the ink of thinking sages
Sleepin’ man in a bed of pages, weaves the hand of the divine

We got our maps and clues, police and policy
Still we cannot find the spirits nest
We hunt for miles and all the while it paints the scenery
Scatters and whirls an arabesque

Hey ey Hey ey this mercy moves
God is loose hey ey
God is loose in the world
Hey ey Hey ey the universe is singing
Loose hey hey Love is loose in the world

We better lock him up the crazy man
He’s causing trouble, brewing storms
Traded fashion for compassion
The revolution fought with kindness not a sword

The word went leaping off the pages
Breaking in the windows and leaping over walls
All you asked for was a cool glass of water
And you got a waterfall

Hey ey Hey ey this mercy moves
Love is loose hey ey
Love is loose in the world
Hey ey Hey ey the universe is singing
Loose hey hey God is loose in the world

Tears of sadness for the hands that kill
Tears of joy when life is born
Hear the song of freedom and my sails are filled
In a rusty nail a cross and a temple curtain torn

Oh Oh Oh Oh hear the news
Love is loose hey ey
Love is loose in the world
Hey ey Hey ey the universe is singing
Loose hey hey God is loose in the world

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