Looking Beyond Appearances


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Looking Beyond Appearances

The whole premise of this website is that despite what most of mainstream news tells us, life is good. People are good. The world is not on the brink.

As I was driving around doing my errands today, I was thinking of my online efforts.  And of something I recently found out about several members in one of the Facebook groups of which I am a part. Most of the time people in these groups are discussing their craft, of course.  And oftentimes they are talking about how well they are doing and all the perks of making good money–which is inspiring.

But one day, a few members were talking about their amazing earnings and the wonderful things they were going to do for their communities–we’re talking big donations and projects. Buildings and large chunks of money! It was nice to hear about this aspect of having financial success.  All the good one can do, and that people are doing! Made me smile. 🙂beyond-appearances-boy-helping-girl

Further, I almost daily come upon stories on Facebook of people who are doing charitable things–most recently there was a story about a little boy who was saddened when one of his classmates could not buy a hot lunch.  So he started raising money to pay for those kids who could not afford to pay for themselves. He’s making quite an impact!

If you “like” the right pages on Facebook your newsfeed can be filled with numerous stories such as these!  And then, perhaps like me, as you go about your day you will wonder as you see people, what good things they might be doing that are unsung. You will look for things that you can do–little things, as you shop for groceries, or stop at the bank-to brighten people’s days.

It’s a great way to see the world and certainly makes life more enjoyable.  But, as you also know (if you have explored this website), such a positive perspective may actually result in things being better objectively. So start now–look beyond the appearance, and be happy!

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