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Colorful coffeecup painting
The Good News Cafe Logo

The logo you see above was provided by Christy Wilcox, www.artatworkstudios.com. The bright colors and scenic view capture the message of this web-site quite nicely (thanks,Christy!). 

Over the years of having this blog, the mug has undergone slight changes to make it more vibrant and modern. The most recent change has occurred this fall (2019) as I have undertaken a name change 🙂

The essence of the original design remains intact 🙂 I hope that each time you see the brightly-colored cup, you take a moment to remember some of the many things that are right in the world. Additionally, I hope you remember the many amazing things that people are doing each day, as well as the things you can do to contribute to the good life! 

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