Life is Like a Puzzle


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Forrest Gump famously stated that “Life is like a box of chocolates–you never know what you’re going to get.” I  agree with this comparison to some extent– although I do feel as if we have a good bit of  control over what we get–see elsewhere on this site 🙂

I was reminded of Forrest’s assertion as I sat down to write this post and was thinking about how to introduce my new puzzle book, titled A Beautiful Life: Reminders of Everyday Pleasures. Maybe it came to mind as we recently watched Forrest Gump not too long ago (not for the first time). Who knows? One of life’s little mysteries is how things “come to mind.” 🙂

But Life is like a puzzle–well in some ways, at least. Lots of wondering and going, “Hmmm….what to do? How to proceed?” Sadly, there is no answer key to turn to when we get stuck 😛 Unless, you count the wisdom books of the various spiritual traditions, in which case there are multiple answer keys 🙂

Anyway, all that to say–check out my new puzzle book at Amazon! 🙂  I hope you enjoy it and that it reminds you of various ways that Life is Good!



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