Life as a Play: Weekly Inspirational Video

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Life as a play is an interesting perspective to take, and this week’s video expresses the idea in a beautiful song.

If you have visited my blog much at all, you know I am a big Peter Mayer fan. 🙂 I realize whether or not one finds a song inspirational is a personal matter, but since this is my blog, I like to share what I find meaningful 😊

The Play is one of those things. In it, Pete sings about the grandeur of Life and our role in the Story and how amazing it all is. He makes all kinds of cool analogies that really tickle the imagination!

Give it a listen.  I hope it inspires a sense of awe in you as it does in me. ✌

If you like this song by Pete, be sure to check out some of his other music on his site. He’s a folk musician and plays all sorts of meaningful music. I actually am his “official” merchandise creator as you will find if you explore his website.

Make life a happy play–check out the 30 Day Happiness Challenge HERE.

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