Where’s My Stuff? Law of Attraction Course for Beginners

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Oh how I would have loved to have seen a course titled, Where’s My Stuff Beginners Law of Attraction Course 30 years ago (or more)! 🙂

I  was introduced to New Thought ideas that many years ago when I was given a book titled Whole Child, Whole Parent for the birth of my first child. Even before that, I was introduced to Transcendentalism (predecessors of New Thought) in high school English for a paper I wrote. And before that I was simply a wonderer about life’s big questions. 🙂

The Law of Attraction is the more current name for this philosophical perspective that I have naturally embraced and studied most of my life. It is related to many popular self-help approaches and can be an effective way to improve one’s life!

Key words there are can be.

While the basic gist of LOA is simple–thoughts are things and you attract what you focus on–it is not always easy to apply this wisdom or to get the results you seek.

Enter Lorna Levy and her Where’s My Stuff Beginners Law of Attraction Course.

  1. Lorna has been teaching Law of attraction for over 20 years – since before The Secret came out.
  2. She has studied and practiced Law of Attraction all her life, coming to understand what makes it work that is repeatable, and also studying what is happening when it doesn’t work that can be corrected.
  3. Lorna has studied Law Of Attraction with all the Great Teachers
  4. Lorna has an MBA from The Wharton School.
  5. Lorna grounds her teaching in Quantum Physics. There is no woo-woo in her law of attraction, just what has been proven to work.
  6. Lorna teaches from her heart; she is warm, compassionate and clear.
  7. Lorna knows that not all people learn the same way, so she includes techniques for whole brain learning, and she includes all 5 modalities. Her students really “get” it.
  8. Lorna is a Minister in Centers for Spiritual Living.
  9. Lorna is Director of School of Manifesting where she and other teachers teach you to connect with your innate spiritual power and live in connection with the Divine
  10. Lorna teaches her clients and students how to speak the language of the Universe.

Additionally, Lorna also

  • Exposes the 3 Reasons why Law of Attraction doesn’t work the way it’s usually taught. Your lack of results is NOT your fault!
  • Surprises you with why meditation, affirmations and visualization don’t work and tell you what you need for REAL results!
  • Reveals to you the quantum science of law of attraction so you UNDERSTAND how to use it for quick results
  • Uncovers the 5 things you have to know to make law of attraction ALWAYS work for you

As always, I think there are many paths to the same end, and you may have a path that is working for you–if so, yay! 🙂

If not, and if you are interested in the Law of Attraction but overwhelmed with all the information out there or frustrated by lack of results, I recommend Lorna’s course. There is a 30 day guarantee, so your purchase is protected. 🙂

Mastering the LOA  gives you lifetime skills to change your life and live in prosperity, love and joy. That is priceless!

Check out this mug I designed –a wonderful reminder even if you do not get the course 🙂

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* I am an affiliate for Lorna’s course and do earn if you purchase. That said, I only recommend products that I believe are quality purchases and that have sound premises based on my life perspective 🙂

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