Keep a Stop Doing List to Be Happy

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Keep a Stop-Doing List

Ways to Improve Your Life : Tip #7

Many people keep a to-do list, but not many keep a stop-doing list. Yes, this is just what it sounds like 🙂  And once you start doing it, you will be amazed how much it can improve your life!

Start by writing down habits you have that are unproductive and basically a waste of time. Forget the standard excuse, I don’t have the time. Actually, you’ll find you have lots of time once you take note of how you spend your days and identify the things you should let go –or stop doing.

Here’s a list of ideas of things to stop doing:

1. Stop daydreaming about the future.

2. Stop looking for a reason to get started.

3. Stop waiting for your situation to change.

4. Stop doing something just to fit in.

5. Stop living to please others.

6. Stop blaming other people.

7. Stop worrying about factors outside your control.

8. Stop fixating on things about yourself you can’t change.

9. Stop dwelling on past mistakes.

10. Stop looking for shortcuts.

11. Stop getting distracted by the newest fad.

12. Stop neglecting the present.

13. Stop doing things without pause.

14. Stop giving empty promises.

15. Stop purchasing objects to seek happiness.

16. Stop taking things for granted.

17. Stop putting aside your health.

18. Stop riding the emotional rollercoaster.

19. Stop letting other people set the standards for you.

20. Stop letting someone else determine your worth.

Goo ideas, right?

Guess what? Remember all the productive things you thought you did not have time for? Well, now you do have the time! 🙂

Try it. And let me know how it works for you 🙂 Get this mug I designed at my gearbubble store to remind you and keep you on track 🙂


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