Journaling Benefit: How Journaling Can Help Create Mental Calmness and Clarity

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Journaling Benefit: Calm and Clear

One journaling benefit that will enhance your life greatly is how it can create serenity in your daily experience. Life often gets overwhelming, and so, understandably, our emotions run high when we are battling with personal demons or stuck trying to solve a problem that feels unsolvable. However, one of the tools that is most used by therapists or consultants for these issues is journaling. Creating and consistently keeping a journal is one of the most effective ways to create calm and clarity out of confusion and chaos.

Journaling Benefit

Journaling provides an outlet for your feelings- Journaling is a judgment free activity; your journal cannot talk back or say anything that runs counter to how you are thinking and feeling. Journals are there to receive your information and perspective. Unlike your best friend or mother, a journal is there for the sole purpose of “listening,” for lack of a better word, and cannot offer unsolicited advice. Your journal won’t meddle or get bored with you. It simply provides a safe space in which you can process your thoughts and emotions. Regardless of what you write down, and whether or not others would see it as good, bad, or socially inappropriate, a journal is an excellent way to free yourself from your burdens and to reduce the chaos in your mind. 

journaling benefit journaling helps you express your feelings

Journaling Benefit

Journaling helps you solve problems- Studies have shown that our minds are designed to solve problems. We naturally want to figure out how to do whatever we need or want to do. The best way to solve a problem is to work through it in any organized manner. Rather like a Rubik’s cube, imagine your mind twisting and turning until you get the right pattern that solves the dilemma. 

Journaling Benefit

Journaling helps you define your next steps- As you journal, express yourself, and work through the issues at hand, your brain experiences a release of dopamine which makes you start to feel calm and competent. Ideas begin to form as you think about what your next steps will be, and all of a sudden, you have an epiphany that changes everything. Your sleep improves, your confidence improves, and you are focused. 

There is something magical about releasing your chaos and confusion into a journal and discovering that there is calm and clarity available to you. Allow yourself to fix your issues through journaling and experience the satisfaction of getting your life back on track. 

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