Interview With Nate Saucier, Digital Marketer for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

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Nate provides digital marketing for heart-centered entrepreneurs, helping them to shine their bright lights and attract clients. He is also a practitioner of higher consciousness, meaning that he can relate to spirituality and appreciate healers.  As a retired speech-language therapist, Nate knows the inside perspective of being a client-oriented service provider. He is a graduate of the University of California at Davis. He is based in the Santa Cruz, California area and works virtually with clients. Nate enjoys graphic design, social media marketing, increasing engagement, website updates, email marketing, and seeing the resulting success of his clients. 

Cate: I am here with Nate Saucier. As with previous guests, I discovered Nate on social media–this time on Instagram. He has a really nice account with beautiful posts that include quotes by many of the New Thought leaders of today….so I had to introduce myself!

Cate: Hi Nate–thanks for joining me today!

Nate: Thank you! I appreciate this opportunity to share my thoughts.

Cate: I mentioned that your account caught my eye because of the quotes you share.  Daily Word and Michael Beckworth–both of whom you quote often are what I call New Thought leaders. What was your introduction to New Thought?  

Nate: I was introduced to New Thought ten years ago at Inner Light Ministries in Soquel, CA, a spiritual center close to where I live. I visited there and so appreciated the love and joy I found that I stayed. Soon, I started taking classes there. I’ve been trained at Inner Light as a practitioner of higher consciousness, completing my training in 2015.

Cate: That sounds like an interesting training! What does it mean? Are you a practitioner with clients? Or is it more like a certificate of completion–a course for personal application? 

Nate: My practitioner training at Inner Light included completing training for 4 years: personal development, learning about New Thought principles, and developing skills like prayer, listening, and facilitating. How the practitioners at Inner Light implement this varies. Some regularly pray with people, or visit people in the hospital, or teach classes, or lead meditation, or other activities. At Inner Light, we don’t receive payment for our practitioner services, so we don’t have clients. What I do is listen, pray with people, facilitate small groups and teach classes.

Cate: That’s pretty cool. Reminds me just a little of Silent Unity. Not exactly, of course…

Nate: Unity has a fantastic prayer  ministry as well. They are also New Thought. Inner Light also has a wonderful telephone prayer ministry.

Cate: Would you like to share how people can contact Inner Light for prayer support?

Nate: Yes,that would be great. Prayer requests can be called in to Inner Light at (831) 465-9090, ext 254 or emailed to A practitioner will contact you and pray for you.

Cate: Nice! I’ll make a note of that for myself!

What prompted you to start your IG account? Are you on other social media as well?

Nate: I love Instagram as a social media platform. It has more engagement than others which makes it easier to build community. I am also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

Cate: I actually have found my Facebook pages to be more interactive, but I love IG also– for the aesthetics of accounts, for one thing. Yours, as I mentioned, is very pleasing to the eye 🙂 Is your account ID the same on all platforms? nate.saucier?

Nate: Thank you! On Facebook I am at AttractionUnlimitedMarketing. Instagram Attraction.Unlimited.Mktg On Twitter, natesaucier1. Thank you for asking.

Cate: Sure thing! I noticed your account bio mentions social media management…is that what you do full-time?

Nate: I do digital marketing full-time.. I work with heart-centered entrepreneurs to enhance their digital marketing to reach their goals. I enjoy marketing through website development and maintenance, SEO, social media marketing, social media optimization, mobile apps, and email. It’s my passion! My digital marketing agency is Attraction Unlimited Marketing. My website is

Cate: Nice! How long have you been doing this? 

Nate: I’ve been doing digital marketing for clients for 5 years. I develop packages for clients and work with their budgets.

Cate: Would you like to offer my readers any sort of incentive to use your services?  (hint hint)

Nate: Your readers, if they are new clients and mention your name, can have $20 off a social media marketing strategy plan. Currently the regular price is $75. This plan provides a customized, detaiIed direction to focus on, as well as a great list of tips specific to your social media account.

Cate: I will pass that along-thanks for the discount! 

Nate: Thank you, Cate! I appreciate that. My company, Attraction Unlimited Marketing has made countless clients happy with a social media marketing strategy plan.

Cate: Nice…You know, as I mentioned, I noticed your account because of your quote sources…my own favorite New thought authors are the older ones–Emmet Fox, Emilie Cady…do you have a favorite New Thought author?

Nate: I also like Emmet Fox and Emilie Cady. My favorite is Ernest Holmes. I find him so upbeat. My favorite of his books is This Thing Called You. His affirmations are powerful!

Cate: I like him too–his work is more intellectual than some, in my opinion. I read This Thing Called You years ago. I have The Science of the Mind too–never got all the way through it–it’s ginormous, as you likely know…

Nate: Yes, indeed, The Science of Mind is big. I use it to read different parts at a time rather than cover-to-cover.

Cate: That’s a good idea–less over-whelming 🙂

I tell a story on my site about my first mind over matter experience and my eczema…What’s been your most amazing experience with New Thought principles and practices?

Nate: When I was first introduced to New Thought I was in constant severe pain due to fibromyalgia. This had been going on for 12 years. I was on heavy pain medication. After a few months, and some time in the first year of the practitioner classes, I asked a practitioner to pray for my healing. I had no idea what was about to happen. As I listened to the prayer, I started to feel lighter, and then like I was floating. Then I realized that I had never allowed myself the thought that I could heal. My mind was opened to healing, opened to the idea that right in the moment I was healing and even healed. It was a spiritual awakening! After the prayer I felt completely different. The pain was gone. Within just a few weeks, I was completely off of the pain medication. I was totally healed from fibromyalgia! My doctor was astounded. It has been 9 years and I am still healed. The principles of New Thought continue to prove themselves over and over to me that they truly work.

Cate: That’s so cool. I always enjoy hearing personal stories of healing…I find it so interesting! You know, I was an ER nurse years and years ago…one of my co-workers has been an oncology nurse. She had some interesting stories!

Nate: I imagine so. I am incredibly grateful for my healing every day!

Cate: Do you have any cool stories you can share from your Inner Light practice?

Nate: We usually don’t hear back from the people we pray for. We affirm that all is well, and that what is declared in the prayer is done. So we don’t check in and ask. That promotes doubt. Occasionally, someone will come back and say that the prayer really helped them. Of course this is all confidential. I can tell you, though, that people find that all their needs are met and they receive answers better than they imagined.

Cate: Do you have any thoughts you’d like to share about the corona virus pandemic? Things you do daily  that might be of benefit to others?

Nate: Daily I affirm not only my vitality, safety and protection, but that of the whole world. I repeat this often and feel it deep in my bones that I will not get sick. It is important to not just affirm this but to feel it as well. One can focus on how it would feel for this to be all over and have good health all the way through. I do take precautions. I’m grateful that as an online marketer I can work from home. I’ve been helping other businesses get their services online and marketed well.

Cate: I operate similarly…thinking about inner based health and safety, but also distancing and washing my hands and all that. 🙂

Thanks so much for your time…it’s been nice getting to know you a bit more!

Nate: Thank you for this opportunity to be interviewed. It is an honor! I appreciate it.

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