How to Succeed in All Areas of Life: A Checklist

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How to Succeed in All Areas of Life: A Checklist

How to succeed in all areas of life. We all want that, right? The good life. What that means to each of us as individuals will vary wildly 🙂 Still, there IS common ground and areas that we all experience to one degree or another. So I have put together a pretty basic list of these areas and some simple guidelines or reminders of things we can do to improve or enjoy that aspect of living.  These are largely common sense 🙂 But common sense can escape us at times 😛 so I hope you find them useful! Just take what you want from this.

To a happy life for one and all! ?

My Best Life Checklist


  • Choose one goal at a time – too often we get overzealous in our personal goals and start out in pursuit of too many things: lose weight, eat better, exercise, clean out clutter, take a class, earn a certificate, etc. And then, feeling overwhelmed, we give up on all of the goals. Pick one (or two).
  • Muster up some enthusiasm 🙂  Power tip – the more you get excited about what you are doing, the more inspired you will feel and the more momentum you will create.


  • Examine and explore which area of your career is not working.
  • Ask yourself what your end goal is – do you want to retire earlier, work fewer hours, or have more power? What is your end goal?
  • Once you have discovered your end goal,  create a plan of action.
  • Pick five action steps, beginning with the smallest.
  • Take one small action step per day for a set amount of time.


  • Be honest about who you are.
  • Take a look at your actions, thoughts, and pre-conceived notions when relating to others.
  • Ask how you can be a benevolent presence for the other person.


  • What’s your story? We all have stories around money. It’s your job to uncover your story.
  • Once you uncover your negative money story and self-sabotaging habits surrounding money, you can then write your own brand new story.
  • Start practicing positive affirmations around money.
  • Practice these daily.

Life Purpose

  • Stop Self-sabotaging behavior.
  • Practice leaving your comfort zone once in a while.
  • Quiet your mind, and listen for inner wisdom.
  • Make a Declaration or a “Mission Statement” of your intended purpose.


  • Choose an area in your life where you want more prosperity. Is it in your career and your financial status, or in love or friends?
  • Positive thoughts help create prosperity.
  • Establish the practice of positive thinking and expectation.


  • Decide on a path that works for you.
  • Make time daily to devote to whatever that path is–reading, meditation, prayer, contemplation–or some combination.
  • Persist. 🙂

For all the areas, the following tips apply:

  • Get quiet/get still.
  • Write it down.
  • Take action.
  • Be accountable.
  • Follow through.
  • Celebrate smaller successes, which will lead to bigger ones.
  • Keep up momentum with enthusiasm.

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