How to Start the New Year Off Right: Try a Random Act of Kindness Today

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2020 has come to an end, so let’s start the new year off right! I posted a list of Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) ideas a few weeks back (got side-tracked by the holidays). But maybe you’re still not convinced this is something you want to try. I get it. Who needs one more thing to do? 🙂 Not to worry. RAK can fit very easily into your day.

Happy New Year’s

It’s a new year. A perfect time to consider some new ways of being in the world. And given the trials and tribulations of 2020, adding RAK to your days could be just the boost you need. 🙂

Kindness rocks, in my own personal opinion. But being nice for no reason, for no special occasion, might feel foreign to you. You might be concerned about the reaction you’ll receive. Maybe people will be suspicious of your motives, for example.

Let’s explore some common reasons people come up with to avoid integrating RAK into their lives on a regular basis. When we’re done, you will be ready to start this new year off in a positive way and try a random act of kindness… today!

Random Acts of Kindness Take Effort

When you think of RAK you might conjure up stories you see in social media of big gestures people perform for other people–I saw one story of a man who befriended a homeless woman and brought her gifts every week. Eventually it all led to her getting an apartment!

But that’s not how I think of RAK. Of course such gestures are wonderful and generous–but they are also planned and concerted. To me RAK are spontaneous and, well, random. 🙂 And they fit perfectly into every day. Remember the list from my previous post?

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.

Mother Teresa

Here are a few examples as reminders:

  • hold the door open for a stranger
  • smile at people
  • grab a shopping cart that someone left astray as you return your own
  • pick up litter on your walk
  • let someone in line ahead of you
  • do a chore for your spouse or sibling

As you can see, these are small acts. And so they are very doable! They can become habits–maybe you begin to pick up trash every time you take a walk, for example. But, as you look for things you might do each day, the possibilities are endless, and there will always be a bit of randomness in that wide realm of potential actions. 😉

Think of Your Fellow Man, Lend Him a Helping Hand

Won’t People Think I’m Weird? And other Excuses…

Some people may feel insecure about putting themselves out there and allowing themselves to be vulnerable–you know, a “nice guys finish last kind of attitude. It does take a bit of courage and self-confidence to give freely to another with no agenda or particular reason. But once you try it you will realize what a boost it is to your own happiness.…this concern will evaporate. 🙂

Sometimes people feel unworthy to dispense kindnesses. They think others won’t receive their kindness without suspicion. It can feel risky to “do it anyway,” but the rewards are almost always worth it. Most recipients are happy to be treated nicely, to see kindness in action.

Maybe you just feel too wrapped up in your own needs, and it feels impossible to spare anything for anyone else. Start small. From the examples I shared above, you can see how many kindnesses really take no time at all. An added bonus–as you perform more and more of them you will find that it is a real mood booster…helps you feel less oppressed by your own concerns.

Try It Today

Doing random acts of kindness takes you out of your narrow world of self-concern, and allows you to connect with others in meaningful ways. This can have a very powerful effect on you, your recipient and anyone who observes your kindness in action. Performing unsolicited good deeds adds positivity to the world around you.

Try performing one RAK today– to give to another in even the smallest of ways. Then try something else tomorrow. Each day, try to find a small (or big) kindness to perform. Soon enough it’ll be one of your favorite parts of your day!

Now–as my daughter’s favorite performer, Harry Styles, likes to say: Treat People With Kindness!

Treat People With Kindness

Check out my 30 Days Happiness Challenge–RAK are covered in there in a little more depth.

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