How to Master Abundance

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How to master abundance is an age-old query and quest.

However rich our lives may be, most of us have experienced the feeling of not having enough. Mixed in with the moments when we feel blessed, are moments of dissatisfaction with our lot. Something is lacking. We want more. We want abundance.

The word “abundance” is a pretty remarkable word. It comes from the Latin word “abundantia,” which means “overflowing.” From a spiritual perspective, everything we could ever want exists around us, and we just need to tap into it, almost like turning on a faucet. This notion is called the law of abundance.

Mastering the Abundance Formula

There are 5 simple steps you can use over and over again in your life to achieve abundance.

1.         Dissolve your lack mentality

2.         Stop waiting for all or nothing

3.         Focus on your blessings; release your complaints

4.         Draft clear intentions

5.         Be consistent

Let’s look at each of these steps in more detail now.

Dissolve Your Lack Mentality

It’s all too easy to fall into a lack mentality where you find yourself saying things like, “I don’t have the money for that,” “We can’t afford that,” or “I’ll never get out of this hole I’ve gotten myself into.”

The problem is that when we have that mentality, we are “shooting ourselves in the foot,” as the saying goes. The more you focus on what you can’t have, the more “not having” you will achieve. The law of abundance and the law of attraction work together to help us manifest things in our lives, and we need to be careful that what we are attracting is in line with what we want to manifest.

Even for the skeptics, you know this is true if you really think about it. We attract what we think about most. For example, let’s say you are in the market for a new car and someone tells you about a car that you never really knew much about before. Now that you are aware of it, you see those cars everywhere, even though you don’t remember seeing one before.

This is why dissolving your lack mentality is the first step. It’s so important that you get your head in the right place before you move on to any of the other steps.

Stop Waiting for All or Nothing

This is another problem that happens all the time and it keeps us from living an abundant life. We often don’t start pursuing a goal because we feel it needs to be all or nothing. For instance, we might not feel like we have the time we need to put into it, so we do nothing.

Doing nothing is sure to get you nowhere, while doing something is sure to get you somewhere. Even if you take the smallest step each day or even once a week, at least you will be further along than if you did nothing.

Plus, when you are actively working to achieve a goal, no matter how small those steps are, you will find that you’ll meet the right people to help you, you’ll discover the perfect tools to make it possible, and you’ll start achieving bigger steps because you’ll feel inspired to keep going. This is what naturally happens when you start the ball rolling.

Focus on Your Blessings; Release Your Complaints

Again, when it comes to abundance, it all comes back to what we focus on. If you find yourself constantly complaining about everything that is going wrong in your life, it will be pretty difficult for you to even notice abundance in your life, let alone receive it.

This is where the idea of gratitude comes in. The more you find to be grateful for in your life, the more things you will have to be grateful for. What we get in life comes from what we focus on. Just ask Oprah 😉

Complaining is easy, and it can sometimes be challenging to find the blessings in our lives, especially if we are going through something difficult. But the blessings are always there. They might come in the form of lessons learned, silver linings, or they can even be something simple like a call from a friend or a nice gesture from a stranger. Pay attention and look for the blessings in your life and abundance will open up for you.

Draft Clear Intentions

When we are wishy washy with what we want, it’s hard stay on a course of action. This ambiguity is reflected in our lives as being stuck.

Drafting clear intentions means deciding what you want in life. Writing down what you want to achieve is a great practice. You’ll find that jotting even a couple intentions down for your week or day makes you much more productive and inspired to take action.

Be Consistent

All of the above isn’t going to get you anywhere if you are inconsistent with it. To get the results you want and live the abundant life you desire, you need to be focusing on the right things on a daily basis.

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