How to Make a Difference: Musical Wisdom

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As we go through our days, many of us wonder how to make a difference in the world.

Could You Be, a song by Peter Mayer (from Minnesota), offers some answers. If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know I am a big Peter Mayer fan (I’m even his “official” merchandise creator ) 🙂

The lyrics to many of his songs represent –in a beautiful way –much of my message on this site (as I interpret them, anyway 😉 ) So, sometimes, when I am not sure what to write about, I share his music–the choice this time is a song called, Could You Be? The video and lyrics are below.

To me this song is about being true to yourself and not being afraid to participate in the world around us, fulfilling your potential by living your purpose. It’s also about living for something larger than just yourself –again, as I understand it 🙂

The message is timeless and the musical presentation of it is right up my alley–check it out for yourself, and be inspired! If you like it, use my affiliate link to buy the CD on Amazon.

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by Peter Mayer (

Could you be a window in a darkened hall
To give a passing soul a way of seeing through the wall
And people stop in front of you
And into you they peer
Uncertain what they see because
You’re not exactly clear

Could you be a lighthouse standing on a shore
Meant to send a light out to the sailor in a storm
But even though you show your light
Not a boat can tell
You didn’t know you’re not supposed to
Shine it on yourself

Are you a bell that hasn’t tolled
A drum that hasn’t rolled
A word of hope unsaid
A declaration never read
Could you be

Could you be a siren, made to raise your voice
But sinking in the silence, afraid of making noise
Even though the enemy is flying overhead
Even though the fire is continuing to spread

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