How to Make a Bigger Impact On the World

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Next Level Kindness

We’ve been talking about small acts of kindness and how they can be meaningful and valuable, but you may be wondering how to make a bigger impact on the world around you.

Sure, small acts of kindness can pay big dividends. You just never know how a smile or helping hand can truly change someone’s outlook for a day or even a lifetime.

But today, I’d like to discuss ways to give back and share with others that involve more effort. Ideas about how to make a bigger impact on the world. If you have the time, money or other resources to give, there are a lot of ways to make a big impact on the world around you. These types of activities may not be for everyone, but they’re certainly worthwhile if you are able to take part in them.

Let’s explore some of the larger-scale random acts of kindness you can enact if you want to “go bigger” with your kindness practice. 🙂

Start or Participate in a Fundraiser

Fundraising is vital to almost everything. It can benefit individuals in need: the victims of natural disasters, or someone facing unforeseen medical expenses. Spearheading or working for an established movement can entail a great deal of work and commitment. Big effort often yields big results.

Setting up or helping with a fundraiser is a great way to have a larger impact for whatever specific cause or person you might have in mind. For an individual in need, you can rally everyone at your school, office or community to get involved. It’s also possible for your movement to reach a national scale, depending upon your resources and public interest. I’m sure you’ve all seen fundraisers on social media.

Create a Foundation or Nonprofit

Another way to see results on a big scale is to set up a charitable foundation or nonprofit organization. You will likely need a good sum of money and the help of experts like lawyers and financial advisers to get set up. However, it is possible to obtain grants or other funding backers to help you. There may be fewer limits than you think, and the potential to help people on a grand scale is quite something!


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Participate in Philanthropy

Volunteering is something many people do in their free time–some on a regular basis, some just now and then. There is a way to make volunteering a bigger impact activity. Essentially–get others to volunteer too. 🙂 Take charge of establishing a crew of volunteers to help out a particular cause. Getting a big group to take action can be a great boon for those organizing a job to be done.

Call around to see what the needs are. One local example that comes to mind –something we did when my kids were younger–was volunteering to do maintenance on a nature trail. The more people they had, the more could get done, of course. So assembling a group for these sorts of projects is a big help!

Make Charitable Donations Part of Your Business Model

You may not be aware of this, but I donate 10% of my profits from my Etsy Store to charities, as I describe in my shop story. I also donate 10% of the fee for my Happiness monthly subscription newsletter to charity. Granted, currently I do not make a ton of money, but hopefully, over time that will grow. 🙂 And in the meantime I am making regular donations to worthy causes.

Amazon has Amazon Smile, and lots of companies have some version of this. The bigger you are, of course, the more impact you can have. But it works at all levels–I am proof of that! I have not yet figured out how to automate the process–I currently have to manually calculate and make the donations. It’s quite fulfilling!

What Are You Waiting For?

Random acts of kindness are a common habit in the how to be happy tool box. Small acts, are great, but if you’ve ever felt compelled to make a difference in a big way, consider any one of these options above. With a bit of extra effort, dedication and resources, you can commit a BIG random act of kindness that will benefit many. 🥰

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