How to Discover Your Motivational Blocks and Get Past Them

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Once you figure out how to discover your motivational blocks and get past them, the sky is the limit!

We all know that person. You know the one. They’ve got their stuff together. They’re out there making waves, breaking glass ceilings…they’re the doers. They simply get stuff done and make no excuses about going after what’s important to them. They are generally quite successful.

Do you ever wonder how they find their motivation? Do you know why they’re motivated to implement and succeed while you might not be? Do you know how they achieved their degree of “get ‘er done” mojo to get to where they are?

Know Your Personality Type

A great way to get motivated is to find out what type of personality you have. The reason being, different things motivate different personalities.

One way to discover your personality type is to take a personality test such as the one you can find on This test is based on Myers-Briggs which is what most psychologists today use. If you are honest with your answers, the test seems to be accurate, and offers useful tools that can help you make changes.

You can purchase an in-depth analysis, or you can just use the results from the free test. The important thing is to answer the questions as truthfully as you can, and then to use the information received to gain insight into your own personality.

If any of your co-workers, friends or family are willing,  share what you learn about yourself so that they can help you create an environment that best supports your motivational leanings.

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