How to Create the Best Environment for Motivation

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To make the most of your days, it’s helpful to learn how to create the best environment for motivation.

Your Environment Can Influence Your Motivation

Once you know your personality, as per the test (mentioned last week), make it a priority to set up an environment that encourages you to develop success habits. The following will help:

  • Create a Supportive Environment – Thee ideal, of course, is to create a work atmosphere in which you feel supported. Usually this means having people around you that understand your goals and purpose. At the least, it’s best not to have any one around that actively criticizes or opposes your pursuits. For most people that’s not conducive to feeling motivated. 🙂
  • Be Accountable for Your Actions – Find someone to hold you accountable for your actions. People who have accountability partners or coaches to help them see their plan through to fruition will experience a lot more success in life.
  • Decide on a Plan of Action – Whatever the goal, create a plan to follow. This can be changed and edited along the way, but it’s kind of like a map to follow. Checklists are very useful here also- create a checklist for each day or each week–whatever fits best.
  • Commit to the Plan – A conscious decision to commit to the plan of action is helpful also. This commitment is often based on your “why.” Why are you pursuing this goal or course of action? Having a plan and committing to it will often create early progress–which reinforces the motivation you used to initiate the action.
  • Start Sooner Rather Than Later – Many people like to wait for a new day, week or month to start moving towards a goal. But really, almost always there is no real reason to wait. For example, let’s say you want to lose weight and get healthy. Don’t wait until Friday or Monday to start. Instead, start now. Put down that cookie and walk around your house or apartment as you formulate your plan of action. 🙂 The sooner you start the sooner your brain will catch up with your actions and accept that this is your new way of doing things.

Learn to ignore the tricks your brain plays on you when it comes to acting on your plans toward achieving your goals. Before doing anything new, or anything at all sometimes, your brain will determine– due to pre-programmed information– whether it’s pleasure or pain. However, your brain is often wrong! It often seeks immediate pleasure over immediate “pain.” Like that cookie mentioned above–feels painful to not enjoy it, but in reality it’s more painful for you if you need to lose weight.

This happens mentally too. For example, if you need to meet a work deadline, but you lack the motivation to get it done, it’s because your brain can’t see past the present discomfort of having to miss out on things that bring pleasure even though it is pleasurable to keep your job.

If you learn to do it anyway, eventually your brain will realize that sometimes you must do things that aren’t immediately pleasurable to experience success. When you do this repeatedly, your brain will start interpreting these actions as pleasurable, instead of painful. This is going to help you reach success faster. You’re training your brain to re-associate some “painful” actions as “pleasurable.” This works with everything including exercise and eating right.

Following these steps in how to create the best environment for motivation should get you moving in the right direction. 🙂

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